13 Sexy Paul Wesley Photos That Will Make Your Life More Meaningful

13 Sexy Paul Wesley Photos That Will Make Your Life More Meaningful

Today is a very special day for humans, vampires and hybrids alike. On this day, 33 years ago, the heavens opened up and gifted us with Paul Wesley .

As Stefan Salvatore on ' The Vampire Diaries ,' Wesley has played pretty much every TV archetype in the book over the past six seasons: the hero (with shiny hero hair!), the villain, the antihero, the compassionate best friend, the loving boyfriend and even the doppelgänger. But IRL, Wesley is funny, sarcastic and hot AF.

In honor of the 'TVD' star's birthday, here are 13 photos of Wesley that will make your life significantly more meaningful.

  1. That time he compelled us with his beautiful face. Getty Images
  2. When he was like, 'Hey, I know you,' and we died a little. Getty Images
  3. When he made this face and still managed to be handsome AF. Getty Images
  4. And this one.
  5. When he posed for this photo with Kat Graham. Getty Images
  6. When he smiled like this. Getty Images/Michael Stewart
  7. And THIS. Getty Images
  8. When he casually rolled up on a boat ready to get turnt.
  9. When he looked at us with those eyes. Getty Images

    You know the ones.

  10. Ohmygod. Getty Images
  11. When he was daydreaming about Steroline in front of Candice Accola. Getty Images
  12. Like, writing Steroline fanfiction in his head. Getty Images
  13. When he joined the hottest boy band in the world. Getty Images

Happy birthday, Paul!