13 Times Black Canary Made 'Arrow' Fans Want To Scream

13 Times Black Canary Madearrowfans Want Scream

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Beginning with the first episode of ' Arrow ,' fans waited with eager breath to see how lawyer Laurel Lance would eventually fulfill her comic book destiny and become the vigilante Black Canary.

It took long enough, but Katie Cassidy's on-screen alter ego is finally walking that path… and the results, more often than not, make viewers want to scream.

In honor of Cassidy's 30th birthday, here are 13 of the most scream-worthy Canary moments on 'Arrow' thus far:

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  1. Remember when the Black Canary first landed in Starling City… The CW
  2. …and she turned out to be Laurel's sister, not Laurel herself? The CW

    That's what they call in the biz a 'WTF Moment.'

  3. But Sara's reign was short lived... The CW
  4. …so that Laurel's Canary could rise. The CW
  5. Laurel's ascension was unlikely, but she had a great teacher… The CW
  6. …and even better partners-in-crime-fighting. The CW
  7. Let's not think too much about the drinking… The CW
  8. …or all the times she fought with her dad. The CW
  9. Let's think about all the times she fought the bad guys… The CW
  10. …and beat them down with a scream. The CW
  11. Sure, she disagrees with her teammates from time to time… The CW
  12. …but her disobedience often has great results. The CW
  13. After all, two Canaries are better than one. The CW

    But even when her sister isn't around, Laurel is holding it down.