13 Times Felicity Made 'Arrow' Awkward In The Best Way Possible

13 Times Felicity Madearrowawkward Best Way Possible

Everybody sometimes uses the wrong phrasing when they talk and says something uncomfortably sexual, but for Felicity Smoak ( Emily Bett Rickards ) it's kind of like a second job. Well, okay, a third job, in addition to working for Ray Palmer by day and being a tech mastermind for Oliver Queen at night. And she is very, very good at all of her many jobs.

Now that the third season of ' Arrow ' is ending tonight (sob!) and our favorite lovebirds, Felicity and Oliver, have FINALLY hooked up with one another (SQUEE), let's take a look at all the times Felicity herself let her mouth get ahead of her brain and said some truly unfortunate things -- and some other things that, let's face it, were just straight up accurate.

  1. 'I'm your girl!' CW

    'I mean I'm not your girl. I wasn't making a pass at you.'

  2. 'It needs to be dark in here if we're going to do this.' CW

    'If I had more time to think about that sentence it wouldn't have to sounded so dirty.'

  3. 'I like watching you do that.' CW

    Said in reference to the infamous salmon ladder. So say we all, Felicity. So say we all.

  4. 'I’ve already seen you shirtless. Multiple times. Shirtless all the time.'

    What a great first date icebreaker!

  5. 'I was just used to being your girl.'

    'I mean, not your GIRL girl! Your GIRL.'

  6. 'I imagined you saying that under different circumstances.'

    'Very platonic circumstances.'

  7. The Triple Entendre

    Even in the digital comics, Felicity can't stop making with the awkward.

  8. 'And I love spending the night with you!' CW

    Good thing Felicity was so mad about being made Oliver's secretary that she didn't even have time to feel embarrassed about that one.

  9. 'Oh God, you're so heavy... Is this really all muscle?'

    Yes, Felicity. Yes it is.

  10. 'Well, does that mean I have a shot… at employee of the month?' CW


  11. 'Can you even get into those leather pants with that knee?' CW

    No idea. Want to see him try it?

  12. 'The last time the vigilante paid your mom a visit you got shot and I got to play doctor with you.' CW

    'Oh, my brain thinks of the worst way to say things.'

    And finally, the best entendre of all time...

    mundo real vai grande ou vai para casa reunião
  13. 'It feels really good having you inside me.'

    'And by 'you,' I mean your voice. And by 'me,' I mean my ear. I'm going to stop talking. Right now.'