13 Times Tom Ellis Was Too Hot For This (Under)World

13 Times Tom Ellis Was Too Hot

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Tom Ellis was criminally removed from our TV screens when his USA series 'Rush' got the axe last year -- we're still not over it -- but it looks like the handsome Brit will make a triumphant return stateside in ' Lucifer .'

The 36-year-old actor has landed the lead role in the Fox pilot, which sounds an awful lot like 'Rush.' Per EW , 'Lucifer,' which is based on the DC Comics character of the same name, will follow the ruler of Hell as he says sayonara to his fiery kingdom and heads for -- wait for it -- Los Angeles! There, he'll help the LAPD take down criminals because why not ?

Regardless of the seemingly insane plot, we're just happy to have Ellis back on our weekly viewing schedules because that man is hella good-looking. Between his sexy scruff and devilishly handsome face, Ellis is the perfect man to front this gritty procedural. Don't believe? Let these pics change your mind.

  • This is Tom Ellis. Getty Images
  • And he's effing hot. Getty Images
  • Just look at that scruff! Getty Images
  • Those glasses! Getty Images
  • Same shirt, don't care. Still bae. Getty Images
  • Dapper AF. Getty Images
  • Even his 'thinking face' is hot. Getty Images
  • And don't even get us started on his 'flirty face.' Getty Images

    Bedroom eyes on fleek.

  • I mean... Getty Images
  • Really?! Getty Images
  • We'd let him take us for a joyride any day. Getty Images
  • He's just that dreamy. Getty Images
  • Welcome back to TV, Tom. We missed you. Getty Images