13 'Walking Dead' Characters Who Look Like Bosses Wearing Abraham's Mustache

13walking Deadcharacters Who Look Like Bosses Wearing Abrahams Mustache

In season five of ' The Walking Dead ,' we had Tyreese's cool hat, Rick's beard, and Abraham's handlebar mustache. Now we have no cool hat, no grizzly beard, and no handlebar mustache.

Just kidding, we still have Abraham's handlebar mustache. In fact, everyone has Abraham's handlebar mustache now.


Because remember that time MTV's Kat Rosenfield put Rick's beard on every single one of your favorite 'Walking Dead' characters ? Yeah, well, she did that again, except with with Sergeant Ford's ferocious furry upper lip. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  1. Abraham wore Rick's beard… MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    …so turnabout is fair play.

  2. This is what a Daryl looks like with an Abraham on his face. MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    Is it time to riot yet?

  3. Remember that time Abraham punched Eugene in the mouth? MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    In an alternate universe, a handlebar mustache grew immediately upon impact.

  4. Wow, Carl! You grew up fast! MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    Suddenly, the hat looks okay.

  5. How can Sasha possibly be so angry… MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    …when she has the greatest mustache on 'Walking Dead' on her side?

    corpo de lisa lopes no caixão
  6. Father Gabriel is actually kind of badass with Abraham's mustache! MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    Just kidding, he's still the worst.

  7. Good news, everyone! Glenn's alive! MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    And he's much more of a man now, thanks to some facial hair tips from Honest Abe.

  8. The Governor's NOT alive, buuut… MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    …if he was, and he looked like this? We would give him a big smooch right on his Abrastache.

  9. Jessie has a 'stache… MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    …yeah, it used to be a 'stache worn by Abe.

  10. Prepare for another Morgan-centric episode… MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    …in which he peacefully negotiates the surrender of Abraham's mustache.

  11. Deanna can't get her late son and husband off her mind these days. MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    She can't get Abraham's mustache off her face, either.

  12. Do you know the only way Abraham + Rosita could get even hotter? MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    Yeah. Yeah, you know.

  13. Walker: Texas Mustache MTV's Kat Rosenfield

    Nothing further, your honor.

    o ator flash da liga da justiça

    Now everyone go thank Kat for all the nightmare fuel.