14 Hiddleswift Memes That Sum Up The Internet’s Feelings About Taylor And Tom

14 Hiddleswift Memes That Sum Up Internet S Feelings About Taylor

The internet lost its damn mind after learning Taylor Swift is allegedly dating Tom Hiddleston just two weeks after she and Calvin Harris broke up. First love was dead ( R.I.P. Tavin ) and now it's been reignited (hello, Hiddleswift). So to celebrate the ~new couple~, folks on the web did what it they do best: made a ridiculous amount of memes.

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  1. News of Hiddleswift took the Internet by storm. http://221parksanddestiel.tumblr.com/post/145992088528/going-on-tumblr-and-being-hit-with-the-hiddleswift
  2. And two fandoms were suddenly joined together. http://a-brainstorming-fangirl.tumblr.com/post/145994499957/hiddlestoners-and-swifties-meeting-each-other
  3. Some people were semi-OK with it. https://twitter.com/LaurenEMorrill/status/743251887181467648
  4. While others just could not even. https://twitter.com/bimadew/status/743197215523475457
  5. Naturally, Loki jokes emerged. https://twitter.com/jabmarohom/status/743403063461974016
  6. Because duh. https://twitter.com/_Jencita_/status/743255850924417024
  7. The Caveman Spongebob meme made an appearance. https://twitter.com/amxndasantino/status/743199187332964352
  8. As did Mr. Krabs . https://twitter.com/savvygrimm/status/743204348860186624
  9. There was lots of confusion. https://twitter.com/GAYPIL0T/status/743214676729798656
  10. And uncertainty. https://twitter.com/JillPantozzi/status/743204365117296641
  11. Many people were shocked. https://twitter.com/leannelisabeth/status/743222893757227008
  12. But others weren't surprised in the least. https://twitter.com/JaBogen/status/743196000014180352
  13. Because this is Taylor Swift, Queen of Breakups and Boyfriends, we're talking about here. http://imtheblankspace.tumblr.com/post/145988332158/taylor-a-month-ago-taylor-today-sike-bitches
  14. This isn't her first rodeo. https://twitter.com/roszaaaai/status/743376017947922432

    And we can't wait for the songs to come! Seriously, Tay's next album is gonna be .