14 Of Quinn’s Strangest Quinnventions On ‘Zoey 101’

14 Quinn S Strangest Quinnventions Zoey 101

Pacific Coast Academy wouldn't have been the same without Quinn Pensky's ( Erin Sanders ) inventions, which she punnily dubbed 'quinnventions.' The ' Zoey 101 ' character definitely marched to the beat of her own drum, but that's what made fans love her. She was never afraid to be herself, even when others teased her about her eccentricities. *Cough* Logan *Cough*

During her time at PCA, Quinn gave us a plethora of unusual creations. From hybrid fruit to devices that can knock a person out, Quinn's quinnventions varied from the 'uhh' to the 'WTF.'

  1. Banapple Nickelodeon

    One of Quinn's earliest quinnventions, the science nerd altered a banana tree's genetic structure (naturally) and infused it with apple DNA to create the hybrid fruit. Of course, it doesn't go according to plan, and the fruit's juice becomes acidic.

  2. Laser quinncrow Nickelodeon

    To stop birds from eating her banapples, Quinn erects a scarecrow that zaps invaders with laser beams, as demonstrated with Michael's ( Chris Massey ) hat.

  3. Sonic neural neutralizer Nickelodeon

    Quinn invents this device that's supposed to render anyone within hearing distance instantly unconscious. After a few failed attempts, she actually gets it to work. Scary.

  4. Synthetic coconut aroma Nickelodeon

    While this isn't exact weird, it did knock the gang out for over an hour, making them miss their bus and the end-of-the-semester beach party. Thanks a lot, Quinn.

  5. 100% healthy potato chips Nickelodeon

    Nothing strange about chips, right? Wrong. Quinn does a lot of ~science stuff~ to make these uber healthy potato chips for Michael. After hearing Quinn's process for making the snack, he asks, 'Is that safe?,' to which she replies, 'Possibly.' RED FLAG, MICHAEL.

  6. The deskunkifier Nickelodeon

    After Michael and Logan ( Matthew Underwood ) get sprayed by a skunk, Quinn creates this device to neutralize the smell. Of course, it eventually causes clothing to disintegrate, so the boys end up having to run through campus naked. Whoops.

  7. Breath freshener Nickelodeon

    Quinn claims, 'I have quinnvented the most powerful breath freshener known to man.' But, like most of her quinnventions, there ends up being a negative side effect. While it does cure her bad breath, Quinn begins to laugh uncontrollably for most of the episode.

  8. Cactus goo Nickelodeon

    Although Quinn didn't technically create this, she still introduced it into her friends' lives. She ends up causing almost the entire student body to become addicted to the stuff after injecting it into Moon Bars. According to Quinn, the cactus goo is what destroyed an entire civilization in 1721. Oh, okay then.

  9. Tongue vacuum Nickelodeon

    Hoping to cure Dustin ( Paul Butcher ) of his illness, Quinn thinks applying a forceful suction to his tongue is the way to go. 'I'm sucking the germs off of your tongue,' Quinn shouts over the machine's humming. Run, Dustin, run.

  10. This toe-tickling thing Nickelodeon

    Still trying to cure Dustin, Quinn applies 'proton impulses' to the soles of Dustin's feet. When it doesn't work, instead of stopping, Quinn decides to up the juice. Should've run when you had the chance, Dustin.

  11. Sleep deprivation watch Nickelodeon

    Clearly not learning from his previous mistakes, Dustin agrees to wear this watch Quinn made to test the effects of sleep deprivation. If Dustin falls asleep at any point while wearing the watch, it'll shock him to wake him up. Eventually, he begins to hallucinate after going days without sleep.

  12. Plasma bolt rap trap Nickelodeon

    Trying to catch a rat that's loose in the girls' apartment, Quinn creates this complex — but humane — trap to stun the creature long enough to return him to his cage. Except, the plasma bolt completely misses the rat and knocks out Lola ( Victoria Justice ) instead.

  13. A brand new germ Nickelodeon

    When Quinn's germ concoction accidentally gets knocked over and disperses into the air, the biohazard team is called in to clear the area. Quinn and her friends are forced to be quarantined until the school is deemed secure. A new germ, Quinn? Really?!

  14. Frazz https://vine.co/v/eIbetjdeHmq

    Quinn's energy drink sort of acts like a drinkable version of cocaine or PCP. Thinking it's juice, Dustin downs the frazz, and soon starts to lose his collective s--t, going into energy overdrive. Remember when he climbed like 22,000 stairs on that stair-master, laughing like an insane asylum patient? Seriously, how could anyone forget that?!

Long live quinnventions!