15 Couples From '90s Movies That'll Give You Insane Relationship Goals

15 Couples From90s Movies Thatll Give You Insane Relationship Goals

By Monique Steele

The '90s are always fondly remembered by '90s kids everywhere as the generation of acid wash jeans, the era of pop music royalty (hello, Britney Spears ) and a time for romance in movies that pay no attention to social hierarchies and have no limits.

It’s a little over two decades later, and the romances we’ve grown up watching in the '90s can still make us swoon. We can definitely blame those effortlessly cool chicks and charming bad boys with hearts of gold for giving us some high expectations in the love department, and it’s no wonder we can still watch these movies and feel our hearts go aflutter with the thought of how idealistic '90s movie love can be! These 15 are the ultimate in #RelationshipGoals.

  1. Michael and Mandella, ' 10 Things I Hate About You ' (1999) Tumblr

    They were two side characters in a much larger story, and while we didn’t get the full details of their budding romance, we got enough to know that this pairing was worthy of our time. I mean, he got her a replica of a Shakespearean dress for prom. Relationship goals AF!

  2. Nicole and Chase, ' Drive Me Crazy ' (1999) Tumblr

    Another '90s movie, another Valley-Girl-meets-politically-astute-boy romance story. But what can we say -- we’re suckers for the stuff. Nicole and Chase’s relationship begins as a vengeful plot to make their exes jealous which ultimately (naturally) backfires. The two end up seeing past their high school stereotypes and falling for each other anyway, even staying together despite the fact that their parents’ newfound relationship could result in the two becoming step-siblings. Now that, my friends, is dedication!

  3. Bill and Betty, ' Pleasantville ' (1998) Tumblr

    Any woman taking control of her sexual awakening is an A++ right off the bat, and in the refined black and white world of 'Pleasantville,' watching Betty navigate this new societal change and take ownership of her feelings is incredible. Both her and Bill defy what Pleasantville expects of them to follow their hearts and inspire their world to be a more colorful one. Now that’s love!

  4. Denise and Kenny, ' Can’t Hardly Wait ' (1998) Tumblr

    Getting locked in a bathroom during the biggest party of your high school career can hardly count as a romantic encounter, but for these two, it was more than enough. They spent the whole party reconnecting and having genuine conversation. Their entrapment in their bathroom prison led to a renewal of their friendship and, from there, an actual relationship. Any relationship built on such a solid framework of friendship is bound to be a good one.

  5. Josie and Sam, ' Never Been Kissed ' (1999)

    Josie. Grossie. Isn’t. Gross. Any. More! This pairing was evidence that it does, in fact, get better after high school. You could suffer your entire school career nowhere near the top of the food chain but never be bound to those rules outside the confines of school. Josie and Sam are proof of that! Josie Grossie left high school and found someone whose company she genuinely enjoyed -- who shared her love of literature and who saw her inner geek and thought she was cool because her inner geek made her who she was. Granted, it must have been really awkward for Sam seeing as he spent the entirety of the movie thinking he was falling for a high school student.

  6. Murray and Dionne, ' Clueless ' (1995)

    Maybe the most solid yet dramatic relationship in the '90s teen movie repertoire. Sure they squabbled, but it seemed very much like the tireless arguing of an old married couple. And if you need more proof that this relationship was grounded in something real (despite instances like the cheap polyester hair Dionne found in the back of Murray’s car) there’s the infamous freeway freakout scene in which their impassioned love inspired others to seek out their own romance.

  7. Zack and Laney, ' She’s All That ' (1999)

    As is the hallmark of any good teen movie from the '90s, there will be at least one movie makeover, one really awful bet that is both hurtful and insulting and at least one Freddie Prinze Jr. She’s All That doesn’t disappoint! Granted, it took a movie makeover and a bet fashioned by the ultimate movie jerk to get class president Zack to even notice artsy and eclectic Laney, but the more these two get to know each other, the more they realize there’s something there. With the added bonus of characters like Taylor Vaughan to highlight the epitome of narcissism, we get to see that it’s about more than what meets the eye in a relationship. Also, Usher is in this movie, which is pretty fantastic!

  8. Julie and Ray, ' I Know What You Did Last Summer ' (1997)

    The couple that survives a murderous psycho killer together stays together! I mean, their relationship had to survive a lot -- from possible manslaughter to dumping a dead body to surviving the hellscape that is Ben Willis’ revenge -- so it’s a wonder they’re still alive, much less in the right headspace to date. But even in the midst of their possible deaths, these crazy kids still managed to make it work. All I’m saying is if Julie and Ray can reconcile their relationship during all of this, any and all suitors could at least text back, no excuses.

  9. Bianca and Cameron, ' 10 Things I Hate About You ' (1999)

    Admittedly when Cameron first started crushing on Bianca, there were some obvious red flags. The girl was hopelessly into preppy Joey and way more concerned with her social standing than she ever was with Cameron. Seeing the lengths Cameron was willing to go to for a girl that was essentially using him was heartbreaking. But Bianca’s inevitable realization that Joey was no good and Cameron was truly the guy for her was enough to warm our collective 'shipper hearts. Also, there’s no movie redemption sweeter than Bianca punching Joey in the face at prom -- once for making her date bleed, once for her sister and one more time for her. Sorry ‘bout that shoot tomorrow, Joey!

  10. Buffy and Pike, ' Buffy the Vampire Slayer ' (1992)

    The '90s were more than a little bit into the notion of the Valley Girl and the hapless grunge guy coming together in an Odd Couple-esque pairing, and this early '90s predecessor to the 'Buffy' TV series is no exception. As our favorite kicker of vampire butts, Buffy takes on the all too serious role of the slayer and begins to fall for the laidback but reliable slacker Pike. A relationship based on mutual respect and general feelings of I got your back is incredibly important in a world where there’s all too many supernatural beasties out to get you. Plus he has a motorcycle and a leather jacket. Win-win!

  11. Romeo and Juliet, ' Romeo + Juliet ' (1996)

    Well, no list would be complete without Romeo and Juliet. We all know the tortured tale of two young kids in the most ill-fated romance of all time, so I'll spare you the details. What I can say is Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio play two star-crossed lovers to a T.

  12. Sebastian and Annette, ' Cruel Intentions ' (1999)

    As the movie title dictates, this whole movie relationship came to be entirely out of cruel intentions. Sebastian’s attempt to sully the chaste Annette’s reputation completely backfire when he finds himself falling for her instead. Through a series of tragic and manipulative turn of events, the two do inevitably confess their love, and the reformed bad boy and the good girl enjoy the most bittersweet romance of all time. We could probably do without all the heartache and manipulations IRL, though.

  13. Josh and Cher, Clueless (1995)

    Let me preface this whole statement by saying that any relationship that Paul Rudd is in, I fully endorse. That being said, Josh and Cher undoubtedly take the cake. They seem so different from each other, with Cher coming off as the typical Valley Girl, concerned with shopping and looks, while Josh is the stereotypical grungy college guy who cares about society and the environment. Watching Cher realize her feelings for Josh was maybe the greatest a-ha moment of the '90s. Their kiss at the end of the movie was perfect and had us all trying to live vicariously through Cher.

  14. Patrick and Kat, ' 10 Things I Hate About You ' (1999)

    This relationship defined what it meant for two angsty teens to find love in the crazy world that is high school. I mean, on the one hand is strong willed, independent, I can do bad all by myself, Kat, and on the other, we have an international man of mystery himself, Patrick Verona. These two were so evenly matched, and despite the whole bribery and general loathing bit, we were rooting for them 110 percent.

  15. Jack and Rose, ' Titanic ' (1997)

    No list about relationship goals of the '90s would be complete without Jack and Rose. Love that crosses social classes and cultures is already winning. Now add the tragic backdrop of the doomed Titanic and you’re in business for the most heartbreaking romance in movie history. Not to mention the fact that Jack saved Rose’s life not once but twice -- that’s a level of dedication most twenty-somethings aren’t ready for, much less two 17-year-olds! Ugh! We’ll never let go Jack, never!