15 Times Daryl Dixon Had Crazy Sexual Chemistry With Every 'Walking Dead' Cast Member

15 Times Daryl Dixon Had Crazy Sexual Chemistry With Everywalking Deadcast Member

You might not have noticed this, but in the world of ' The Walking Dead ' fantasy romances, Daryl Dixon can be found on board just about every 'ship worth shipping.

There are legions of die-hards for 'Caryl,' obviously, but there's also Bethyl, Michyl, Darick, Hershyl, and so on and so forth, until Daryl has been romantically linked with basically every significant character on the show, including the poncho he wore in Season 3 and at least half a dozen zombies in various states of decay. And why?

Because he's got ridiculous sexual chemistry with literally everyone and everything, that's why. Below, we round up the 15 times we just couldn't stop shipping Daryl Dixon.

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1. We'll start with the most obvious: the wonderful, multi-season arc of his growing connection with Carol.

2. Although for a while back in Season 4, he and Beth were so great together that a romance seemed like a real possibility.

3. And of course, he and Michonne have always had a talent for flirty repartee.

4. Is it just us, or is there something special in Rick's eyes when he looks at Daryl in this scene. ('You're my brother... and brothers hug. And sometimes kiss on the mouth. You know. In a brotherly way.')

5. Speaking of family ties: After growing up with an absent, abusive father, of course Daryl developed certain feelings for the Greene family paterfamilias Hershel. Love is built on respect, you know.

6. Although Andrea died before we could get too invested in a romance between her and Daryl, the magic was clearly there in the few scenes they shared together.

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7. And in the moment before Daryl put Dale out of his eviscerated misery, we sensed a real connection between them.

8. Thanks to 'Twilight,' we now know that it's totally okay to ship a grown man and an infant. See? It's not creepy, you guys; it's just sexy werewolf law . (Side note: Daryl Dixon is definitely a sex wolf, right? Discuss.)

9. And let's just say that if anything happens to Rick, there's every reason to jump on board the Daryl-Carl father-son ship.

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10. Although let's be honest: Even now, there are times when all we want is to see Daryl and Merle together again, just two Dixons against the world.

11. Daryl and Glenn are a match made in Hollywood heaven. Not only that, but their chemistry is totally there even when they're not in character. Is he leaning in for a kiss? HE MIGHT BE.

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12. And speaking of leaning in, whatever he was doing to Bob in this scene, they should definitely do more of it.

13. Did anyone else notice how good, how right , this one particular zombie looked in Daryl Dixon's arms? ...Um, of course not. Me neither. Shhhh no I didn't shhhhhh .

14. When Tyreese attacked Daryl, Daryl stopped their friends from intervening. Why? Because he knew that just a few more seconds of man-on-man grappling with that big bearded bear would spawn a thousand million fanfics, that's why.

15. This is the power of Daryl: He's so damn magnetic, he's even got chemistry with himself. I now pronounce you Daryl and Daryl. You may kiss the Daryl.