15 Times David Bowie In 'Labyrinth' Awakened Your Burgeoning Sexuality

15 Times David Bowie Inlabyrinthawakened Your Burgeoning Sexuality

With so many remembrances of David Bowie currently flooding the internet, it's vitally important that we not forget about this one: His eternal legacy as the swoon-worthy Goblin King of ' Labyrinth .'

For those of us who were kids in the 1980s, Bowie was terrifying and intriguing as the antagonist of this fantasy flick... that is, until we weren't kids anymore, at which point we realized that Jareth the Goblin King was basically sex on a stick.

Below, we're remembering all the times that David Bowie had the power of voodoo in his magnificently tight goblin trousers.

  1. When his glam rock mullet blew so gently in the wind. Lucasfilm
  2. When he turned out to be surprisingly good with kids. Lucasfilm
  3. When he gave us that pretty smile. Lucasfilm
  4. When he kept playing with his balls. Lucasfilm
  5. And brandishing his sword, oh my. Lucasfilm
  6. When he didn't even have to ask. Lucasfilm
  7. When we wrote a 10,000 word epic poem about his upper lip. Lucasfilm
  8. When he looked so good in sequins. Lucasfilm
  9. When he showed up just to tease us. Lucasfilm
  10. When he forgot how to Jareth for a second there. Lucasfilm
  11. When the dance magic happened. Lucasfilm
  12. When he taught us how to shimmy. Lucasfilm
  13. When he throttled his goblin (Note: not a euphemism.) Lucasfilm
  14. When he showed us what our Ken dolls were missing. Lucasfilm
  15. And when we knew it was real, forever. Lucasfilm