'16 and Pregnant' Update: Allie And Joey No Longer Speak

16 Pregnantupdate

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Tonight's 90-minute season finale of ' 16 and Pregnant ' may have been the toughest episode yet for us to digest. Between Allie 's lack of parental support, Joey 's unwillingness to help out with the baby and his own mother Yolanda 's verbal abuse, it's not hard to understand why Allie has developed such a hard shell.

Allie broke things off with Joey because she felt that he mentally checked out of the relationship once Aydenn was born, and in our latest ' 16 and Pregnant After Show ,' the headstrong young mom reveals that he no longer even speaks to her...or sees Aydenn. Check out the videos below to hear her explain why things have gotten so ugly between the former best friends, then take our poll and tell us whether or not you think Allie should give Joey another chance to be more involved with her and Aydenn's life.

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Should Allie try to work on her relationship with Joey?

  • Yes, he could grow to be a better father.
  • No, he clearly doesn't care and his mom is bad news.