16 Questions I Had After Rewatching The Disney Channel Original Movie Genius

16 Questions I Had After Rewatching Disney Channel Original Movie Genius

One of the earliest Disney Channel Original Movies starred the bully from The Sixth Sense (Trevor Morgan) and a pre- Shameless Emmy Rossum . Genius turns 17 this year, and it's safe to say I watched it over and over again when I was growing up.

But this movie, which follows nerdy boy genius Charlie and the cool alter ego he creates to impress a girl, was until recently one I hadn't seen in the last 10 years. After a quick re-watch, though, I'm pleased to say it still holds up -- even if heathens voted it the 11th worst DCOM on our ranker). However, I have a lot of questions Disney still needs to answer.

  1. Why didn't Charlie patent this and make a fortune? Disney

    In Genius 's opening scene, Charlie makes a device that smooths the ice in a hockey rink better (and faster) than a Zamboni can with just the touch of a button. Forget the Pet Rock -- this is a million-dollar idea.

  2. In what universe would parents be that chill about their child turning down Harvard? Disney

    'If you're sure about this, son, I'm sure, too,' Charlie's dad said. Nope. Not a chance. Plus, Charlie's mom didn't even get a say.

  3. And then did his parents really just send their 13-year-old off to college alone? Disney

    They didn't help him settle in or anything.

  4. Also, he only has one bag for college? Disney

    Packing light?

  5. Is this guy still hot? Disney

    As it turns out, yep. Yannick Bisson, who plays bully-turned-friend Mike MacGregor, looks the exact same (and thus, still hot).

  6. Why does Dr. Krickstein seem so familiar? Disney

    ( Searches on IMDb ) Oh! The actor, Charles Fleischer, was the voice of Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit .

  7. Why is Charlie so pouty about having the whole dorm room to himself? Disney

    Sure, Mike was a douche and didn't want to room with him, and that's definitely rude, but come on! Having an entire dorm room to yourself your freshman year of college is a huge steal.

  8. How was Charlie able to enroll in junior high without having his parents come in to sign some forms and whatnot? Disney
  9. Is Charlie's junior high next door to the college or something? Disney

    I mean, how else could he get from one to the other in no time at all?

  10. How did Charlie manage to get all those detention slips without the principal wanting to meet with his parents? Disney
  11. Is this dude Mike's twin or something? Disney

    He was Hugo Peplo (Chuck Campbell), the hockey equipment manager who tricked the opposing team by masquerading as Mike. I had to do a double take because he and Mike shared a lot of similar facial features.

  12. What was even in this purple gunk concoction? Disney

    And why was it so easy to wash off, using only soap and water? 'Science,' I guess?

  13. Was choosing the Northern Lights for the college team's mascot an homage to the very first DCOM (even if Disney doesn't see it that way) , Northern Lights ? Disney

    Don't lie to me, Disney.

  14. Did these electromagnetic balls that mirrored each other inspire the futuristic game Laser Squash on Phil of the Future ? Disney
  15. Why wasn't anyone at the hockey game concerned when players started randomly levitating? Disney
  16. Finally, did Charlie and Dr. Krickstein become rich and famous for defying gravity? Disney