16 Reasons Why Being 16 Isn't Actually That Sweet

16 Reasons Why Being 16 Isnt Actually That Sweet

MTV's 'My Super Sweet 16 put the spotlight on some of the sassiest teen divas we've ever seen. The show -- along with the general term 'sweet 16 -- made the age seem so glamorous. (When I was a clueless preteen, I thought some sort of magical transformation would happen on my 16th birthday. I figured I'd wake up as a sophisticated, worldly woman or something.)

But once you turn 16, you realize the ugly truth: Being 16 kind of stinks. It's not like turning 18, when you're excited to graduate high school and move onto whatever amazing thing comes next. And it's not like turning 21, when you no longer have to stress about getting carded . 16 is a pretty 'mehh' milestone, to be completely honest. Here's why...

  1. You're still at the mercy of your parents

    You're not as independent as you think (or wish) you were. You still live under your parents' roof, so you need to abide by their rules. Sure, maybe they'll be nice and push your curfew back an extra hour or two now that you're old enough to drive. But ultimately, what they say goes -- and it'll be like that until you've got a dorm or apartment to call your own.

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  2. Puppy love hurts like hell

    Ahh, young love. 16 is the age of crushes and first relationships for many kids. Your first love ('love') makes you feel like you're flying. And then your first breakup makes you feel like death. Roller coaster relationships are basically the norm in high school -- and even in college and into your 20s, too -- but you'll become infinitely better at dealing with them.

  3. 'Mean Girls' exist IRL

    Drama seems to be everywhere when you're 16. Maybe it's all those hormones swirling around in your body. Who knows. But at 16, everybody's a little bit immature and overdramatic. They say mean things to each other and intentionally ignore people in the hallway. People still have a lot of growing up to do.

  4. Cliques are well-established by 16

    Making new friends outside of your immediate circle is rough. Kids are super cliquey in high school as is, but it's even worse when you're 16. When you're a freshman, it's easier to meet people because everyone's still blinded by the newness of high school. When you're a senior, everyone becomes friendlier since they're all feeling nostalgic about graduating. But when you're 16, everyone's happy just staying in their comfort zone.

  5. You need to get your sh-- together

    You can't goof off like you did freshman year; it's time to start thinking about what comes after high school. Your GPA during your sophomore and junior years -- plus your SAT score -- are critical if you plan on going to college. Now's the time to buckle down and hit the books.

  6. Getting your driver's license is harder than you think

    You don't just snap your fingers at 16 and instantly know how to drive. Driving is a skill that you need to take the time to learn and practice -- and you might be terrible at first. Your first time driving on a highway is terrifying, and parallel parking will quickly become your worst nightmare.

    Driver's tests aren't always easy-peasy, either. Even if all your friends pass on their first try, that doesn't mean you will too. And once you do pass, you might not have access to a car. Being able to drive is an awesome thing, but it's not something that happens overnight.

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  7. If you have younger siblings, you need to chauffeur them around

    Once you're licensed, that means you're the designated driver for all your younger friends and siblings, whether you like it or not. Picking up your younger brother from soccer practice just got added onto your parents' list of chores for you.

  8. Sweet 16 parties are insanely stressful

    If you're having a Sweet 16 yourself, planning all the details is a pain. Being a party host means you need to ensure that all your guests have an awesome time. And then what if no one shows up? I mean, someone will probably show up -- but there's always that secret, paranoid worry that your big party will be a flop.

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  9. School dances are the worst

    Either your crush refuses to slow dance with you, or some dude you barely know keeps trying to grind up on you. You can't win.

  10. Seniors start asking your friends to prom

    Speaking of school dances, prom is no longer a mysterious thing that only big guys and girls get to go to, like it was freshman year. You probably have a handful of friends in the grade above you, and they might ask you to be their date. Or they might ask your best friend instead of you. Womp.

  11. There's pressure to have sex

    There's no avoiding the fact that some people are doing it by now. Maybe you feel you're ready, maybe you don't. Whatever the case, don't worry about everyone else. And make sure to stay safe .

  12. You can't get away with being mediocre at whatever sport you play for fun

    In middle school and at the beginning of high school, you really could play sports for fun. You didn't need to be amazing at them, because there was no shame in being on the junior varsity team. But by the time you're 16, you don't automatically go from JV to Varsity -- you need to actually be good at your sport. And if you're not, well, you're cut from the team. Tough luck.

  13. You need money now more than ever...

    Gas isn't gonna pay for itself, buddy.

  14. ...so you get a job

    It'll probably pay minimum wage because, at 16, that's usually the only kind of job you're qualified to get.

  15. Summers are spent working, not playing

    Say goodbye to your summer. You'll probably spend it working at that previously mentioned job so you can save up cash for college or for a car. You'll still have some time for fun, of course, but now you have responsibilities (ugh) to attend to.

  16. Everything feels like it's the end of the world

    We don't know why this happens, but everything just feels so definitive when you're 16. It's hard to imagine anything outside of high school, but we promise there's so much more out there than what you've experienced at 16. In the moment, it's hard to get some perspective on a situation that feels like it's all-consuming -- but in a few years, you'll realize that pretty much everything changes after graduation.

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