16 Stunning Lorde Tattoos That Officially Make These Fans Part Of Her Team

16 Stunning Lorde Tattoos That Officially Make These Fans Part Her Team

Lorde puts her blood into her lyrics and so, apparently, do a lot of her fans. Quite literally. Many an Ella Stan has seared her words -- face, etc -- into their flesh.

While we wait with palpitating hearts and wide eyes for any new musical scraps from the 'Royals' singer, here's 16 Ella-themed tattoos that slay almost as much as she does:

  1. This tat of Lorde's face is almost as rad as she is. https://twitter.com/ihatesomuchstuf/status/561831154639454208
  2. This girl went down to the 'Tennis Courts' and tatted it out like yeah (yeah). https://twitter.com/Lorde_Almighty/status/540306235367493633
  3. Brav(ad)o for this ink! https://twitter.com/woahitsefren/status/534184373097365506
  4. All roads lead to Lorde. https://twitter.com/genxxclaire/status/531981974022672384
  5. Another fresh face. This lady really stuck out her neck for this one. https://twitter.com/SydChrish/status/520084184765702144
  6. This is just... breathtaking. https://twitter.com/PAT_terns/status/473500675083890688
  7. Purely gorgeous, this one. https://twitter.com/Lorde_WWN/status/461562780768665600
  8. Lorde has this girl's back. Literally. https://twitter.com/T4RA_84/status/401575783216328704
  9. Lorde's handwriting is pretty boss. https://twitter.com/lordefansau/status/451585655068307456
  10. Ella herself is down with this 'Yellow Flicker' ink. https://twitter.com/elysenicolette/status/604859675528425472
  11. Just stunning. https://instagram.com/p/0GLD0QkAnv/
  12. That font tho. https://instagram.com/p/zxu4X0Ivk2/
  13. This one is pretty literal. Getting tats on ribs hurts like whaaaat. https://instagram.com/p/weuP8muWvv/
  14. This one is pretty popular. https://instagram.com/p/vzZBbfjlaC/
  15. That chomper certainly didn't come from the mouth of a white teeth teen. https://instagram.com/p/tWZqTVDlT9/
  16. Same. https://instagram.com/p/tHMOG0BNx9/