16 'Sexy' Lyrics About Instagram, Hashtags And Emoji That Killed Romance

16sexylyrics About Instagram

We live in a time when a special someone (well ... someone, at least) is just a right swipe away, and dating can feel more like gaming than grand gestures. You may never hear 'I love you,' but you may see plenty of eggplant emoji .

But music is still the place where your favorite singer/rapper spills it about their deepest emotions and heartache. Right? Or, you know, in the case of songs like the new Jamie Foxx come-on 'Text Message,' maybe they just spill croons about winky face emoji and sexy hashtags. Because nothing says romance like 'follow me'?

Here are 16 other songs that almost killed the vibe with too much texting talk, and our suggestions for how these artists can get the romantic mood back, 'cause nobody wants a hashtag hookup.

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  1. Chris Brown ft. K-Mac, 'Follow Me (Like Twitter)' FilmMagic/Prince Williams

    Sample lyrics: 'I be going out, Imma go getter/ I be pullin' all the chicks they follow me like Twitter (Twitter)/ Follow me like Twitter, follow, follow me like Twitter.'

    It's tough to express your deepest romantic feelings in 140 characters or less. Maybe try Tumblr?

  2. Mister F.A.B., 'Hit Me On Twitter' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgkpJeBrqSo

    Sample lyrics: 'Hit me up on Twitter, hit me up on Twitter... Send an update straight from my phone/Over 18 sexy so grown/Tell them stalkers better leave u alone/Follow me give me all ur info.'

    Ixnay on the stalkeray talky.

  3. Chief Keef feat. King Peno, 'Emojis' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJkcgEGLjig

    Sample lyrics: 'She sent me an essay, I send back emojis/Don't like conversation, bitch you must not know me/Emojis emojis bitches love emojis/I never send too much cuz I just send emojis.'

    Seriously, a handwritten note is like three dozen roses and chocolates these days.

  4. PARTYNEXTDOOR, 'Text Me' Getty Images

    Sample lyrics: 'What's your name?/Put it in my iPhone/What's your name?/Call you when I get home...67808 J R&B/Baby whenever you want you can text me/67808, 67808, 67808 J R&B J R&B.'

    How about, 'So, what are you into?' Then get the digits.

  5. Ciara feat. Missy Elliott and Pitbull, 'That's How I'm Feelin''

    Sample lyrics: 'If I see a fine dude I'm like come here/Them chicks alright, baby I'm the real deal/Cause me and CiCi, H-O-T emoji/You know me, when I get toasty, it's on bae/Get it, get it, get it, get it, go pop that thing.'

    Maybe compare yourself to something classical, like the Mona Lisa? You're way cooler than an emoji!

  6. Cedric Gervais, 'Hashtag' https://instagram.com/p/27Eedao6nU/?taken-by=cedricgervais

    Sample lyrics: '#Music #Party #Play #FollowMe #Love #Like #Beautiful #Life #Boys #Girls #Selfie #BiteMe.'

    Maybe use a full sentence with verbs, nouns and some questions about what kind of music she's into?

  7. T-Pain, 'Hashtag' https://instagram.com/p/0t8OgcIm8x/?taken-by=tpain

    Sample lyrics: 'Hashtag I’m on my new sh-t/Hashtag leave me alone/Hashtag bitch let me do this/Hashtag clique all in my phone/I know she going through it... You got too many friends to disappear on us girl/Let us know what’s going on/Stop staring at that Facebook wall and clear this up girl.'

    Hmm, not sure these hashtags are going to be trending topics... Revise?

  8. Trey Songz feat. Soulja Boy Tell Em & Gucci Mane, 'LOL :-)' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSMEVuRjz-I

    Sample lyrics: 'Shawty just text me, say she wanna sex me (LOL smiley face, LOL smiley face)/Shawty sent a Twit pic saying come and get this (LOL smiley face, LOL smiley face)/Go to my page and follow.'

    Just make sure you verify that Shawty is who she says she is, OK?

  9. Chris Brown ft. Jhene Aikio, 'Drunk Texting' https://instagram.com/p/3NpgEhPpRP/?taken-by=chrisbrownofficial

    Sample lyrics: 'I got you on my mind/And the truth is hard to find, so I'll be/I'll be drunk texting, drunk texting, drunk texting you/Drunk texting, drunk texting you.'

    Seriously, just never a good idea. Wait until morning, will ya?

  10. R. Kelly, 'Text Me' https://instagram.com/p/nV8zk2okfS/?taken-by=rkelly

    Sample lyrics: 'Text me back something freaky (freaky)/Let me know just how you wanna do me/I'm at home, sipping on Patron/I'm all alone, so baby text it to my phone yeah.'

    Everyone appreciates a little bit of effort, Kels.

  11. Neon Trees, 'Text Me In The Morning' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAvBRM3YylU

    Sample lyrics: 'So text me in the morning/Tell me you still love me/I don't believe a single word/You tell me you're tipsy/I tell you you're pretty/We could spend the night if you're still sure/But text me in the morning.'

    Or ... maybe make plans to meet for breakfast?

  12. Fat Joe, 'Instagram That Hoe' https://instagram.com/p/iT2J3jBx0C/?taken-by=fatjoe

    Sample lyrics: 'Instagram that hoe/Instagram that hoe...Instagram that jet, Instagram these kicks/Bouve on my wrist, Instagram that bitch/Instagram that track, Instagram these racks.'

    Names, Joe, names. Everyone likes to be called by their first name.

  13. Fetty Wap, 'Instagram' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPK7R1qL3sg

    Sample lyrics: 'I seen your ass on Instagram, baby/You became an instant friend, baby... Double-tap on your pics, 15 seconds of love/Them videos you posting, followers going up.'

    '15 seconds of love' isn't really a turn-on sentence.

  14. Jordin Sparks, 'Double Tap' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbGgULGi0XE

    Sample lyrics: 'You stay on my page cause I guess I'm your favorite/But you won't let it show, no way/If you like what you see then you gotta let me know/That you won't double tap that ho.'

    You know you have the fire, why even mention that ... other girl?

    ethan e âmbar é você
  15. Paris Hilton, 'Drunk Text' https://instagram.com/p/2rDSQlqgJ8/?taken-by=parishilton

    Sample lyrics: 'I should've known they knew each other/No one is safe in the twitter sphere anymore/To take the word sex, and mix it with texting/It's called sexting/When you add drunk sexting/The words just don't make sense.'

    See number nine.

  16. Jamie Foxx, 'Text Message' https://instagram.com/p/TrqnqSqE1m/?taken-by=iamjamiefoxx

    Sample lyrics: 'Tell me how to get there, send me on your address... Started with a text message, ended with sex, yes it's true, I wanna be on you...LOL smiley face, the emoji with the tongue out/ Now I'm kissing you, touching you, freaking you over at your house.'

    Emoji with the tongue out? At least bust out the winky faced dude or something!