The 17 Best 'Heroes' Powers, And The 3 Worst

17 Bestheroespowers

' Heroes Reborn ' premieres tomorrow (September 24), returning us to the world of evolved humans like Hiro Nakamura and Claire Bennet (R.I.P.) for the first time since the show went off the air in 2010.

In 'Reborn,' we're set to meet a whole bunch of new characters, which means we're about to meet a whole bunch of new power sets. Before we power up for the new show, let's turn off the lights one last time for all the awesome abilities we saw in the first series — and then take one final look at three of the biggest super-powered mishaps, too.

  1. HRG's Lack of Powers NBC

    Sometimes, it's the complete and utter normalcy of an individual that makes them special. Such is the case for Noah 'Horn-Rimmed Glasses' Bennet, the sexiest dad alive , and one of the few pure humans throughout 'Heroes.' He still stood his own against basically everyone, due to his badass Company training and his take-no-prisoners attitude. No powers only gets him so far on the list, but it gets us started.

  2. Arthur Petrelli's Ability Absorption NBC

    Personally, I prefer his son's method. The way Arthur does things feels a little bit like cheating. Nevertheless, the ability to steal away other people's powers is definitely useful and versatile.

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  3. Monica Dawson's Adoptive Muscle Memory NBC

    Maybe I'm overrating this one, but as someone who absolutely sucks at anything athletic, I would love to be able to pull off great feats of physicality just by watching a movie. It's like Neo in 'The Matrix,' except without the head-plugs and the scary robot overlords!

  4. Charlie Andrews' Enhanced Memory NBC

    Think about it! You would never need to re-watch your favorite shows or re-read your favorite books. You would know them all by heart the first time through. My ideas for how I would use Charlie's powers should tell you everything you need to know about me — namely, that I am a dork.

  5. Micah Sanders' Technopathy NBC

    Once again, I am a dork, because I would use Micah's power to optimize every piece of technology I own, and it would be awesome.

  6. Daniel Linderman's Healing NBC

    This would be extremely useful for humanitarians everywhere. For evil psychopath company men like Linderman, however, it's a little bit scarier.

  7. Isaac Mendez's Precognition NBC

    Honestly, seeing the future didn't always help the Heroes out all that much, but having an idea about what's coming up is probably better than not knowing at all. Plus, it comes with the added bonus of being able to draw awesome Tim Sale art. Always a plus!

  8. Daphne Milbrook's Super Speed NBC

    I wrote a 9,000-word essay in two seconds on why Daphne's powers are so awesome, but then my computer exploded. Hence why I need Micah's Tecnhopathy.

  9. D.L. Hawkins' Phasing NBC

    In the grand tradition of Kitty Pride, D.L. could walk through walls and pass through just about any kind of material known to man. Really cool power — except for that one time he didn't use it fast enough and he got shot in the face. That was kind of terrible.

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  10. James Martin's Shape Shifting NBC

    Eventually co-opted by Sylar, which turned him into some Nathan Petrelli Jekyll/Hyde type of guy for a little while. It was weird, but the power is awesome.

  11. Claude Rains' Invisibility NBC

    This one's always an easy answer when people ask which super-power you would choose, right? Does not hurt that it comes courtesy of the grouchy Ninth Doctor.

  12. Nathan Petrelli's Flight NBC

    Lots of people could fly on 'Heroes,' but no one made it look as good as Peter Petrelli's politician brother. I used to refer to him as Senator Superman. You have my permission to call him that, too.

  13. Matt Parkman's Telepathy NBC

    Sometimes, reading people's minds is more curse than blessing, like all the times he found out about the fractures in his marriage. Then there's all the times he read people's minds and saved not just his own life, but the lives of so many people around him. Also a useful skill if you want to start making money as a professional poker player, but we never really got into that story. Perhaps that's a tale for 'Heroes Reborn.'

  14. Hiro Nakamura's Space-Time Manipulation NBC

    I could tell you all about this one, but you already know all the relevant details, so let's sum it up with one word: YATTA!

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  15. Claire Bennet's Rapid Cell Regeneration NBC

    Drop her from an oil tanker, trap her in a burning building, chop her toe off — do your worst. No matter what you put her through, Claire Bennet walks away from the situation unscathed. She's basically Wolverine in a cheerleader's uniform, minus the adamantium claws. With Claire in the 'Heroes' universe, pretty much every dead person stood a shot at resurrection, thanks to her magical blood transfusions — which is probably one of the big reasons she won't be around in the new season.

    Shout-out to Adam 'Takezo Kensei' Monroe for having this ability, too, but he was a big fat coward in the end, so, ultimately, forget that guy.

  16. Peter Petrelli's Empathic Mimicry NBC

    He can wield every single power from every evolved human he ever encounters, based on one chance meeting alone, without hurting anyone. How can this not be the greatest power of them all? It's so powerful, in fact, that 'Heroes' yanked it away from Peter when his devious dad Arthur entered the picture. But it was the best while it lasted.

    Actually, there's one better…

  17. Sylar's Intuitive Aptitude NBC

    Peter's ability is cleaner and less aggressive, sure, but Sylar basically does the exact same thing… with the added nastiness of splitting people's heads open to examine their brains and gain their knowledge and powers. Sylar wins for the vicious visual. It's the iconic 'Heroes' super power, even if it's on the villainous side — but sometimes, you gotta let the bad guy win one.

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And now for the worst of the worst…

  1. Ando Masahashi's Supercharging NBC

    Not a knock against the power itself, although it's a little bit weak. (Amplifying other people's powers? Really? At least it's got Havoc style energy blasts.) The big issue is with turning Hiro's normal best buddy into a super-powered hero. Ando wasn't heroic enough on his own?

  2. Mohinder Suresh's Super Strength NBC

    Same deal as Ando; Mohinder's abilities took away a big part about what made him special in the first place. Besides, Bruce Banner wore it better.

  3. Maya and Alejandro Herrera's Poison Cry Face NBC