17 Emo Things You Can Still Buy At Hot Topic

17 Emo Things You Can Still Buy Hot

Ahh, Hot Topic. The store that all teens growing up in the early 2000s both loved and feared. The store that parents actively avoided, lest their innocent children got lost in its depths and emerged hours later with a tattooed sleeve and nipple piercings. With its bloody red logo, it was the most mysterious store in any shopping mall.

Today Hot Topic gives off less of a sacrifice-your-soul-to-checkered-Vans vibe. They even sell Ariana Grande merch now! I know, it's crazy, right? Fortunately their online store still stocks some of your old favorites:

  1. Tripp Pants Tripp Black & Purple Darkstreet Pants
  2. Band t-shirts My Chemical Romance Three Cheers T-Shirt
  3. Things with skulls on them Hematite Perforated Skull Necklace
  4. And pentagrams Blackheart Black Pentagram Hoop Earrings
  5. And heartagrams H.I.M. Heartagram Logo Iron-On Patch
  6. The Nightmare Before Christmas merch The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Black & Silver Watch
  7. Patches Punk's Not Dead Iron-On Patch
  8. Button pins Blink-182 Smiley Bricks Logo Pin
  9. Plaid skirts Royal Bones By Tripp Green Plaid Suspenders Skirt
  10. Rubber bracelets Green Day American Idiot Rubber Bracelet
  11. Grommet belts Two-Row Black Grommet Belt
  12. Checkered and/or studded belts Black White & Silver Checkered Pyramid Stud Belt
  13. Manic Panic hair dye Manic Panic Siren's Song Amp Hair Dye
  14. Tattoo chokers Basic Black Tattoo Stretch Choker
  15. Wristbands Black & Green Checker Wristband
  16. Guitar pick jewelry LOVEsick Floral Pick Necklace
  17. Pocket watch necklaces Galaxy Dragon Pocket Watch Necklace