17 Hairstyles Justin Bieber Has Had Since His Last Album Release

17 Hairstyles Justin Bieber Has Had Since His Last Album Release

The day has finally come— Justin Bieber 's fourth studio album, Purpose , is here . A lot has changed since his last studio album, Believe , came out in 2012—his tattoo collection has grown, he's become a bonafide underwear model, and of course, his hair is totally different. In fact, it's been all types of different since 2012—like, more than you realize, probably.

To celebrate Purpose and its arrival in our lives, we rounded up 17 of the hairstyles Justin has had since 2012—enjoy!

(P.S. This list is best enjoyed with Purpose playing in the background.)

  1. Front flip Getty Images

    This is what Justin's hair looked like the day Believe came out. It's flippy, shiny, and brown.

  2. Side swoop Getty Images

    In 2013 Justin brought back his trademark swoop, though it was sleeker and shorter than in his 'Baby' days.

  3. Slicked back Getty Images

    In 2014, JB dabbled in a less flippy version of his 2012-favored style.

  4. Mussed Getty Images

    In the summer of 2014, Justin let things get ~messy~ up on his head. While his hair looks lighter, it's just the sun. The new colors are to come, don't fret.

  5. Front/side swoop Getty Images

    Like his #iconic front flip style, this look is longer on top, but it's styled to the side rather than straight up.

  6. Blond Getty Images

    In December 2014, Justin surprised everyone by revealing a platinum 'do . It was the first of many hair changes to follow. Buckle up.

  7. Hat-free blond HERO Magazine

    The blond hair is forever immortalized in Hero Magazine . While Justin didn't show off his lighter hair much without a hat IRL, the magazine photos are hat-free, thankfully.

  8. Longer Getty Images

    By February, his hair wasn't quite as blond, but was definitely longer, so his front flip wasn't as, um, voluminous.

  9. Slickkkk Getty Images

    Eventually, Justin started slicking his hair back instead of trying to get the front to stay up.

  10. So, so long Getty Images

    At his Comedy Central roast, his hair reached its peak length. Justin recently called this style a 'funny hair phase,' so, yeah, he's not really feeling it either. Phew.

  11. Ponytail Getty Images

    At Coachella he threw those luscious locks into a baby ponytail —we've thought about it every day since then, basically.

  12. Return to short hair Getty Images

    Then, at the Met Gala, he debuted his new short 'do—while still long on top, the sides were closely buzzed.

  13. Middle part ? Instagram

    In July, he tried out a middle part , which, uhh, never saw the light of day. S/O to Ruby Rose, who shared this precious moment with the world.

    minha anaconda, não minha anaconda, não
  14. Kate Gosselin-inspired Getty Images

    At the 2015 VMAs, Justin made a major splash with his severe side bangs. Yes, he acknowledged the Kate Gosselin comparisons .

  15. Platinum Getty Images

    Not long after, Justin made an unexpected return to blond hair . He took it one step further, though, upgrading from plain, ol' blond to platinum.

  16. Casually combed back Getty Images

    At the 2015 EMAs , he combed everything back, a very #rare move. It's less ~done~ than his slicked back styles typically are, which we chalk up to blond Bieber being v. chill.

  17. Side-swept and soaking Billboard Magazine

    For his 2015 Billboard cover shoot, he brought back his VMA style, though when wet, it's not as severe. OK, yeah, we're not really looking at his hair in this photo either. Bye!