17 Instagram Posts That Prove Stephen Amell Wins At Being A Dad

17 Instagram Posts That Prove Stephen Amell Wins Being Dad

Stephen Amell has probably already won you over with his role as Oliver Queen on ' Arrow ' as a world-class vigilante, friend of The Flash and reformed playboy. But IRL Amell is so much cuter than his onscreen counterpart. I mean, Oliver has his sweet moments, too -- basically, every scene with his sister, Thea, or his current flame, Felicity, is laced with so much cuteness, we die every time.

But Amell, in addition to being ripped AF, is a husband and the undisputed champ when it comes to the Father Of The Year category. This weekend, he posted a pic to Instagram that made the rest of the world take note of his impeccable father-daughter moments.


But his Instagram is littered with tons of evidence that Stephen and Mavi Amell are the world's cutest father-daughter pair.

  1. Preschool prep is never to be overlooked https://instagram.com/p/yDR5eNSNOi/?taken-by=amelladventures
  2. A good father sets aside time for some beachside bonding https://instagram.com/p/xLQsBCyNNz/?taken-by=amelladventures
  3. He teaches Mavi that mean-muggin' for the camera is a valid form of expression https://instagram.com/p/vHjv5pSNPR/?taken-by=amelladventures
  4. And that you can never be too cool to dress up for Halloween https://instagram.com/p/ukDAeSyNBc/?taken-by=amelladventures
  5. Swim lesson basics are a part of the Amell Daddy 101 Handbook https://instagram.com/p/uT01K4SNAL/?taken-by=amelladventures
  6. As is the all too important lesson on not drowning https://instagram.com/p/4vI7YeyNPG/?taken-by=amelladventures
  7. Stephen Amell knows that you have to teach 'em the value of a dollar https://instagram.com/p/phGxfWSNGi/?taken-by=amelladventures
  8. And that important heart-to-heart talks are the foundation of a great bonding experience https://instagram.com/p/ot0ZlEyNM1/?taken-by=amelladventures
  9. Thanks to her dad, Mavi can now truly appreciate an excellent wardrobe https://instagram.com/p/oeWA_jyNM8/?taken-by=amelladventures
  10. Lazy Sundays are good, but lazy ~any day~ is even better https://instagram.com/p/nRoHCyyNLF/?taken-by=amelladventures
  11. Another important daddy-daughter how-to: Looking cool AF at the pool https://instagram.com/p/l5NhPXSNPE/?taken-by=amelladventures
  12. Quality Instagram posts are a must because you're not ~basic~, you're an Amell https://instagram.com/p/iubsm-yNO-/?taken-by=amelladventures
  13. And fountain fanfare is always appropriate and always warranted https://instagram.com/p/4M3HQwSNF0/?taken-by=amelladventures
  14. The faraway pouty stare is always guaranteed to win you a hug from dad https://instagram.com/p/4xg5FWSNIc/?taken-by=amelladventures
  15. And shoulder top view is always the best view https://instagram.com/p/5W7j1AyNOr/?taken-by=amelladventures
  16. Mavi has already perfected the side eye and Papa Amell has already accepted it! https://instagram.com/p/9hkh9myNBg/?taken-by=amelladventures
  17. But the most valid lesson is always good kicks are everything https://instagram.com/p/8GyfBMSNNS/?taken-by=amelladventures

    And 'Batman' kicks are even better.