17 Steroline Moments On 'The Vampire Diaries' That Made Our Hearts Happy

17 Steroline Moments Onthe Vampire Diariesthat Made Our Hearts Happy

Stefan and Caroline have been toeing the line between friendship and something more for a while now on ' The Vampire Diaries ,' and the Season 7 premiere finally made things official for the embattled ship. Welcome to the Age of Steroline.

Whether you're a fan of this slow-burning 'TVD' ship or not, we can all agree that it's been a long time coming for these two, who first ignited a spark way back in Season 2 when Stefan was still madly in love with her best friend Elena. Now that Stefan and Caroline have made things (Facebook) official, let's take a look back at the best Steroline moments in 'Vampire Diaries' history:

  1. When he was the mysterious, new student in town and Caroline invited him to her party. The CW

    Because she clearly wanted to bone him. It was more like lust, not love, at first sight, which makes their hookup in Season 7 all the more satisfying. We've been waiting SEVEN seasons for this, people.

  2. When he found out Damon was compelling her to be his personal plaything and literally saved her.

    Stefan disapproved of how Damon was treating Caroline like his own personal blood bag, and strapped on his hero hair to free her from his brother's control. Stefan worked with his nephew Zach (RIP) to spike Caroline's drink with vervain and thereby save her from more mind control. Good looking out, Stefan.

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  3. When he saved her from Logan Fell. Giphy

    Another heroic move on Stefan's part, in Season 1, he and Damon saved Caroline from newly turned vampire, Logan Fell. Later, Stefan gave Elena jewelry filled with vervain to give to her friends, including Caroline, to help keep them safe from other vampires.

  4. When he stopped Damon from literally killing her in Season 2.

    When Caroline woke in the hospital as a vampire after being killed by Katherine, she (naturally) craved blood. After accidentally killing Carter, Damon wanted to kill her -- and he nearly did put a stake through her heart -- but Stefan, being the hero, stepped in, promising her that he'd keep her (and the humans around her) safe.

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  5. When he took her bunny hunting.

    HOW CUTE WAS THIS MOMENT? For many Steroline fans (this writer included), this was the scene that ignited the spark. Stefan taught Caroline how to hunt, and they were just so funny together.

  6. When she reminded him of Lexi.

    No disrespect to Lexi, but if she hadn't died, then it's entirely possible that Steroline wouldn't be a ~thing~ now. So Lexi, thank you for your sacrifice.

  7. When he told Tyler to stop being mean to Caroline.

    Stefan, being the gentleman that he is, had Caroline's back when Tyler was being a total d--k to her about being a vampire. Just because vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies doesn't mean Caroline and Tyler couldn't be friends... or something more. We can weirdly thank Stefan for Forwood.

  8. When he, Damon and Tyler saved Caroline from Jules. Giphy

    Whenever Caroline found herself in trouble, it was Stefan who rushed to rescue her. Of course, in later seasons, it would be Caroline who rescued him...

  9. When Stefan asked Caroline to dance at the Decades Dance. The CW

    OK, so maybe he was trying to tell her about Klaus, but there were definitely sparks on that dance floor.

  10. When she became his 'sober sponsor.' Giphy

    In the aftermath of Stelena's breakup, Stefan was having a hard time not indulging his bloodlust and becoming the Ripper -- and it was Caroline he confided in. Caroline told Stefan that she wasn't going to let him fall off the blood-a-holic bandwagon: 'As your sober sponsor, I am not going to let that happen.'

  11. When she was totally, 100 percent #TeamStelena. The CW

    In the battle for Elena's heart, Caroline supported her best friend Stefan 100 percent. Seeing as Damon wasn't exactly her favorite person, she obviously wanted to see Elena with Stefan -- but still, it was nice to see Caroline so irrevocably on Stefan's side. She believed in him, even when he didn't believe in himself.

  12. When he consoled her after Bonnie's death. The CW

    There's nothing worse than watching Caroline Forbes cry. It just DESTROYS us every time. When Caroline told Stefan that the only thing she was capable of feeling was sadness and anger after Bonnie's death, Stefan took her hand and said he'd always be there for her. Because, again, he's perfect.

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  13. When she tried to help him get over his PTSD.

    We're not entirely sure putting Stefan back into the safe he was locked up in for three months was a great idea, but at least Caroline believed, in her heart, she was helping him.

  14. When he didn't judge her for hooking up with Klaus. The CW

    Because that's what good friends do, TYLER. Friends don't slut shame friends, OK? Yes, Klaus was kind of the most evil guy in the world, but it was Caroline's choice -- and Stefan doesn't think less of her for it.

  15. When Stefan and Caroline cuddled in the Travelers' den.

    In Season 5, Caroline and Stefan were trying to find the cure for the Ripper virus, and in order to do so, the Travelers needed to link a doppelgänger to its counterpart. When Stefan volunteered for the job, Caroline spoke up and saved him the from having to endure the suffering. But in an effort to save Stefan from any more pain, she accidentally signed up to kill his doppelgänger Tom -- something she couldn't go through with because, according to Stefan, she's 'too good.' Cue this adorable cuddle sesh.

  16. When he told her how he really feels for her. The CW

    It took six seasons, but Stefan finally came to his senses and confessed his feelings to Caroline. However, she was grieving her mother's death at the time and told him that she needed time to find herself and make herself happy first.

  17. When they were finally on the same page and MADE OUT.

    Finally! In the Season 7 premiere, Caroline told Stefan that she didn't want to wait any more -- and then they proceeded to hook up and everything was glorious. We are totally here for Steroline.