17 Things You Mistakenly Think Make You A Bad Girl

17 Things You Mistakenly Think Make You Bad Girl

Tonight's ' Girl Code ' episode is about bad girls and the trouble they get themselves into. It seems like pop culture is all about these so-called bad girls, whatever that term may mean to you.

Here's the thing, though: Stereotypical 'bad' behaviors -- stuff like cutting class and sneaking out -- aren't really that badass if you think about it. There's nothing cool about potentially putting yourself or your health in danger.

We rounded up a few more things that you may mistakenly think make you bad to the bone.

  1. Not texting back right away

    If you don't text somebody back within a reasonable timeframe, then they'll never text you back promptly either. And then this pattern will continue indefinitely. It's a lose-lose situation.

  2. Talking sh-- about other people to make yourself look good

    We've all done this at some point in our lives, don't lie to yourself. It's one thing to be a gossip queen in middle school when everyone's plagued by raging hormones and doesn't know any better. It's another thing to talk sh-- as an adult. It just reflects poorly on you.

  3. Flipping the bird

    When you throw up your middle finger, what you're really saying is, 'I can't think of a witty comeback to whatever insult you just threw my way, so I'm gonna make a completely unoriginal vulgar gesture instead.'

  4. Getting detention

    Being forced to spend your precious spare time in a classroom -- when you're already there for six hours a day anyway -- doesn't make you bad in the cool sort of way. It's just a stupid waste of time.

  5. Wearing fishnets

    Fishnets say two things: (1) It's Halloween and I'm in costume and (2) My legs are very cold right now.

  6. Being mean to your parents

    Our teen angst eventually morphs into twentysomething angst, and sometimes we can't help but take it out on our 'rents. Snapping back at them -- whether it's over the phone, over Skype, or in person when you're summoned home for the holidays -- may make you feel badass for a hot sec, but you're really just hurting your poor mother's feelings.

  7. Playing hard to get

    If you have to play games with someone in order to get them to like you, you probably shouldn't be hanging out with -- or thinking or crying about -- them.

  8. Always putting on a bitchface

    This goes for both guys and girls. Sometimes you genuinely can't help it, especially if you naturally have a resting bitchface. But if nobody ever sees you crack at least a half-smile, they're eventually going to think you actually may be...well, y'know.

  9. Taking your crap out on others

    Don't be like Sadie from ' Awkward .' Don't be rude to someone in the moment just because you're feeling crappy or insecure or whatever about yourself. This isn't the fierce/independent/sexy kind of bad behavior; it's the I-never-want-to-interact-with-this-person-ever-again kind of bad behavior.

  10. Smoking

    You stink. You stink really bad. Stinking isn't cool, and neither are all the health problems you're giving yourself.

  11. Wearing all black all the time

    People will start to wonder if you're always on your way to a funeral.

  12. Dropping big bucks on stuff you can't afford

    There's nothing badass about putting yourself in debt.

  13. Wearing sunglasses indoors


  14. Listening to M.I.A. ’s 'Bad Girls'

    'Live fast, die young'? No, please don't do that to yourself.

  15. Cursing for the sake of cursing

    Everyone lets out an expletive once in awhile for good measure, but having a chronic potty mouth doesn't make you bad. It makes it seem like you're trying too hard. Maybe put all that effort into expanding your vocabulary instead.

  16. Discreetly trying to cut people in line

    Karma will come back to haunt you in the form of someone else getting back at you when you're already running late for something.

  17. Constantly acting like you give zero f--ks

    It's OK to care about stuff. It's good to care about stuff. Don't get so wrapped up in trying to be a bad girl that you forget to care about all the things that make you YOU -- your interests, your friends and your fam (even if they call you out when you try to be a badass).

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