17 Throwback Photos That Remind You Of Baby 5SOS

17 Throwback Photos That Remind You Baby 5sos

It was four years ago when Ashton Irwin joined his mates from school to make a band in Australia. His friends -- Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford -- had been posting cover videos on YouTube under Luke's channel, hemmo1996. It was time they made it official -- they were 5 Seconds of Summer .

Let's reminisce...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAV8xFBX-1M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz7ZDk_szEY

The 5SOS Fam are having a blast passing around old pictures of the guys today in celebration of four years of the band.

  1. Remember when they used to play small shows? I don't! https://twitter.com/jessicadeseray/status/672405763952795648
  2. Their old photo shoots were so ~serious~. https://twitter.com/vaporizedpunk/status/672404318817927168
  3. 'Don't quit on us yet'.... *clutches heart* https://twitter.com/asyIummichaeI/status/672399591199760385
  4. From mirror pics to paparazzi pics https://twitter.com/frantasmuffin/status/672395721358909440
  5. Recreating an old snap https://twitter.com/fuggiamocalum/status/672390070364676096
  6. Look at their little faces! https://twitter.com/rachelstxwart/status/672388944798081024
  7. They knew they wanted to be a band all along https://twitter.com/idjitjudy/status/672372630620651520
  8. From sitting around in a living room to rocking onstage https://twitter.com/xHemmohugs/status/672368632094171136
  9. ...Top left pic vvvvv https://twitter.com/kindlyhood/status/672367907268096000
  10. 5SOS fan Nicole made me a tad emotional with this collage https://twitter.com/HashtagLuke5SOS/status/672360951752974336
  11. 5SOS busking on the street with Myspace hair https://twitter.com/PleaseStop5sos/status/672357013922254848
  12. Some would argue that they haven't grown up... https://twitter.com/swirIngsea/status/672355250179739648
  13. The guys themselves are getting all emotional today too https://twitter.com/Ashton5SOS/status/672313638766686208
  14. Michael :'( https://twitter.com/5SOS/status/672317122677219328
  15. 'Brothers' https://instagram.com/p/-0jE9KvV8P/
  16. Hmmm their costumes over the years: https://twitter.com/5SOS/status/672315631174336512
  17. Happy 4 Years! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCye8dDeyhk