17 Times Tyra Banks Was All Of Us On 'America's Next Top Model'

17 Times Tyra Banks Was All Us Onamericas Next Top Model

Just about everything I know in life I learned from Tyra Banks : how to love yourself, how to be fierce and, of course, how to smize. The 'America's Next Top Model' host is the ultimate BFF/role model/mom, but the best part of our beloved TyTy is how relatable she is. From her super awesome catch phrases to her crazy facial expressions, here are all the times that Tyra Banks was all of us on 'America's Next Top Model.'

  1. When you’re trying to explain your style to someone. The CW
  2. When you want to look good for that selfie. The CW
  3. When someone is being rude about your fashion choices. The CW
  4. When you’re low-key trying to see if that kid you were paired up with in class can do anything for this project. The CW
  5. When you walk into class and your whole outfit is on point. The CW
  6. When you’re watching a scary movie and you can’t look away. The CW
  7. When you like something but you’re trying to be chill about it. The CW
  8. When you’re trying to keep a straight face. The CW
  9. When you’re having a heart to heart with your friend. The CW
  10. When you’re about to eat dessert. The CW
  11. When someone betrays your trust. The CW
  12. When you need your friends to shut up and listen. The CW
  13. When you're just being the boss that you are. The CW
  14. When you do something cool. The CW
  15. When you’re listening to someone else's opinions. The CW
  16. When you're posing for a group pic. The CW
  17. When you're explaining your life choices. The CW