17 Times 'Pokémon Snap' Was Too Adorable For This World

17 Timespok Mon Snapwas Too Adorable

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No game in the history of games has ever been more adorable than ' Pokémon Snap ' on Nintendo 64 . With Professor Oak's mission of taking pictures of the Pokémon in their natural habitats, Pokémon Snap is all about capturing the cute and holding on to it forever. Pokémon Island is what dreams are made of, basically.

Because you can never, ever have too much cute in your life, here are all the times that Pokémon Snap was too adorable for this world.

  1. When Dragonair tried to do an intimidating scream. Nintendo
  2. When Voltorb got a little upset. Nintendo
  3. When Pikachu caught some waves. Nintendo
  4. When the Jigglypuffs did a dance. Nintendo
  5. When Eevee and Chansee jumped around for the camera. Nintendo
  6. When Kangakhan did the dougie. Nintendo
  7. When there were almost too many Charmanders. Nintendo

    Just kidding, you can never have too many Charmanders.

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  8. When Vileplume perfected the pirouette. Nintendo
  9. When the Vulpix gossiped. Nintendo
  10. When Pikachu sprinted by. Nintendo
  11. When Snorlax took a well deserved nap. Nintendo
  12. When Lapras Loch Ness Monster-ed it up. Nintendo
  13. When Meowth tried to scare us. Nintendo
  14. When Pikachu jumped up as high as he could. Nintendo
  15. When Psyduck and Shellder hard core derped out. Nintendo
  16. When the Porygon calmly floated in the air. Nintendo
  17. When Mew magically appeared. Nintendo

    Practically a tornado of cute.