The 18 Most Absurd GIFs From Macklemore’s Wacky ‘Brad Pitt’s Cousin’ Video

18 Most Absurd Gifs From Macklemore S Wacky Brad Pitt S Cousin Video

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are currently trekking across Europe in support of their sophomore album, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made , and shit’s getting WEIRD . At least, that’s what we’re left to believe after seeing the bonkers, collage-style clip for Brad Pitt’s Cousin.

A scatterbrained celebration of success, the playful track boasts a Brangelina-referencing hook from Xperience, a random interjection from God, and cheesy references to the deez nuts meme and Mack’s cat’s Instagram followers. In other words, there’s a lot going on here -- and the quirky DIY vid capitalizes on that absurdity by showing Mack wreak havoc overseas (in a panda suit, no less!).

Check out the vid below, followed by its 18 most insane GIFs:
  1. In which Macklemore's cat is 'more famous than you ever will be'
  2. In which Macklemore works out in a bathrobe
  3. In which he makes Xperience hella uncomfortable by humping the roller rink floor
  4. In which he cuddles up to a mannequin outside of an ice cream shop
  5. In which a lot of girls cram into an empty shower
  6. In which Macklemore is ridin' dirty
  7. In which Macklemore flies while wearing denim overalls
  8. In which a panda runs the streets
  9. In which Macklemore declares, 'No, uh uh, I don't work for free'
  10. In which he dutifully advocates for dental health
  11. In which Mack's 1-year-old daughter, Sloane, is the most adorable little nugget on the planet
  12. In which Macklemore's parents look positively *thrilled* to be in their son's video
  13. In which Macklemore and Xperience bond over getting their feet pampered
  14. In which Macklemore, noted animal-lover, raids a pet store
  15. In which he takes a group selfie with a bunch of young folks and one overenthusiastic man
  16. In which Macklemore gets turnt at the airport
  17. In which he raps and sleds with relative ease
  18. In which he *knows* he just made a bomb-ass music video