The 18 Most Kickass Scarlett Johansson Moments (So Far)

18 Most Kickass Scarlett Johansson Moments

Your top five list of Scarlett Johansson -related adjectives is almost guaranteed to include 'fierce,' 'hardcore,' 'tough,' or some variation thereof. Because this chick's ability to lay down the proverbial law is known .

See, at this point ScarJo has earned the rare distinction of not only being a box office badass in an ensemble situation (see: duh, ' The Avengers '), but also when soaring solo. With 'Lucy,' which raked in over 0 million worldwide last summer, Scarlett proved that being an international action movie star is not just a boy's club anymore. Boom.

The bombshell Best Female Performance nominee has been owning us outright since she was 10 years old (yes, TEN). And with all these ridiculously awesome moments of ass-kickery in the bank already, she's well on her way to being a love-for-lifer.

First of all, she's got All. The. Weapons.

Our ScarJo is handy with her terror toys, alright.

Whether it's a taser ...

OK, OK. So, 'Eight Legged Freaks' was campy at best. But our ScarJo was then on the cusp of being a certified somebody (courtesy of her breakout role in 'Lost In Translation'), and she was 100 percent watchable. Especially when she put the kibosh on any funny business from this guy. 'Cause no means no, bub.

Or whatever these leg shocker things are.

In 'Iron Man 2,' Black Widow got to have some serious fun. And best believe that there was much more where that came from.

Or a squirt of pepper spray ...

To the face. And she didn't even grant that dude a side-glance. Done.

Or the old fashioned double-fisted pistol game ...

Even gravity can't stop Black Widow from showing everyone who's boss.

Although she looks just as cool one-handing it.

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Like when she wisened up to the sitch real quick like in 'The Island.'


And in 'Lucy' when Revenge may have actually been actual middle name.

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(And she didn't even need local anesthetic for emergency surgery, TYVM.)

Really all SJ ever needs is just a chair and her hair.

And maybe not even that.

'Cause literally no one is going to keep this playette down. Ya heard?

And, look, the fact is she's even feistier in hand-to-hand combat.

'Cause she can pretty much manhandle any ... well ... man.

A whole hall full of men actually.

And sometimes all she needs is her mind.


What? Like it's hard to drop three dozen armed dudes with just your mind? Pfft.

And let's not forget about her ridiculous leg game.

Black Widow's delivered quiet a few boottips to the moneymaker, by our count.

Seriously. The chick's acrobatic attack skills are on point .

And what's best is there's so much more still to come.

From what we've seen so far of ' Avengers: Age of Ultron ,' our beloved Natasha Romanoff is going to be wiping even more floor in the newest superhero installment.

Starting with a little snowy wood a**-kicking romp with these randos ...

And then on to her being Captain America's right hand (wo)man on a motorcycle in the heat of battle.

What can we say? The lady doth kick ass. And we f-love her for it.

We'll take a dozen more, please and thank you.