18 One Direction Tattoos That Harry Would Approve Of

18 One Direction Tattoos That Harry Would Approve

What has more ink than those 'Ulysses'-length One Direction fan fiction novels ? That would be the boys of 1D themselves -- and, it seems, many a tattooed Directioner.

significado de Katy Perry Bon Appetit

While One Direction fans have had to get crafty lately when it comes to fan art -- to Zayn or not to Zayn ? -- tons of folks have cemented their fandom of the fivesome (to Zayn -- definitely Zayn) on their very flesh.

Check out some of the wildest, weirdest and more creative 1D tats on the Interwebs:

  1. This is the very signature with which Harry likely signs checks and birthday cards. Be still my ventricles. https://twitter.com/KimIsabell/status/611260068231835649
  2. Every time this girl looks at her anchor tat -- a replica of Harry's -- she'll feel grounded in this great, roiling sea we call life. Or something. https://instagram.com/p/2JIk0-A092/
  3. 'No Regrets' is also a popular tattoo. Maybe this gentleman could get that next? https://twitter.com/stockerowen/status/504770812524912640
  4. I want a tattoo of a banana emblazoned with tattoos of Harry's chest birds. https://instagram.com/p/1yJDvCzFH9/
  5. These are fake but they certainly are real pretty. https://twitter.com/AmeliaReynoldsC/status/491636399586963456
  6. Now this person will never forget Hazza's b'day. https://instagram.com/p/yGAocJkPUp/
  7. Harry Styles is a human tattoo book. This fine fan copped this unique Styles ink for themselves. https://twitter.com/Lirryaha/status/510735789521924096
  8. I mean, right? These are fake, but we wouldn't hate if they weren't. https://instagram.com/p/uEKXOtJzw0/
  9. One Direction will never die. They will just come back as flesh-feasting zombie singers. https://instagram.com/p/o30-h8qIxu/
  10. Harry's face also makes for some eye-catching ink. https://instagram.com/p/tjxfE6nBpC/
  11. For the less dedicated ink fans, Harry's tats in sweater form. https://twitter.com/2001Malene/status/532892864913895425
  12. Butterfly in the sky on my leg. https://instagram.com/p/oeJXwFFyk0/
  13. And butterflies in the stomach -- just like Harry (and how we would feel if we met Harry). https://instagram.com/p/ZTAzwrEwar/
  14. Sensing a trend here? https://instagram.com/p/Y74al2ImpS/
  15. Human lyrics video, this one. https://instagram.com/p/3M544OGh0h/
  16. Zayn is still in the band -- on this lady's finger. https://instagram.com/p/2uiXVlunKw/
  17. There are myriad things to look at here. https://instagram.com/p/0vDnp5E3XE/
  18. Tattoo chokers AND tattoos. https://instagram.com/p/zEZC7NBIie/