18 Times The Rock's Eyebrows Were So On Fleek You Just Couldn't Anymore

18 Times Rocks Eyebrows Were Fleek You Just Couldnt Anymore

Make no mistake: when it comes to eyebrow game, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson 's perfectly sculpted brows are the fleekest in town.

Oh, you don't believe us?

Fear not, mere mortals. We're here to give you an education in brow-raising like a BO$$. The People's Eyebrow may have been his signature move, but no man has perfected the art of eyebrow fleekness quite like The Rock. And thanks to his new HBO series 'Ballers,' we now get brow perfection on a weekly basis. Hallelujah!

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So, without further ado, here are all the times The Rock's eyebrows were so on fleek he gave you serious brow envy:

  1. When he did the People's Eyebrow at the MTV Movie Awards and made our hearts flutter. Getty Images
  2. And then he did the People's Eyebrow again and oh my god. Getty Images

    Eyebrows so thin and unassuming.

  3. When he was still getting used to the camera flashes. Getty Images
  4. Look at that furrow! Getty Images
  5. Eyebrow game so strong even his shades can't tame their fleekness. Getty Images
  6. Lol. Neither can this hat. Getty Images
  7. We see the People's Eyebrow behind those shades, dude. Getty Images

    Can't. Be. Tamed.

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  8. These eyebrows will NOT be upstaged by facial hair. Getty Images
  9. Nope. Never. Getty Images

    Day-yum .

  10. #1 brows in the biz. Getty Images
  11. Damn straight. Getty Images
  12. You can dress them up. Getty Images
  13. Dress them down. Getty Images
  14. But they're still on point. Getty Images
  15. Goatee or no goatee. Getty Images
  16. Hair or no hair. Getty Images
  17. There's only one man who gets his eyebrows threaded by angels. Getty Images
  18. And it's this handsome SOB. Getty Images