19 Amazing Jennifer Lawrence Faces You Can Make In The Privacy Of Your Own Home

19 Amazing Jennifer Lawrence Faces You Can Make Privacy Your Own Home

Because you are a human being with a working set of eyeballs, you've probably noticed that Jennifer Lawrence has a really good face.

It might even be too good. Jennifer Lawrence could be doing interviews, revealing the literal secrets of the universe, and would we even notice? Who can pay attention to actual words in the presence of such perfection?

That's probably why, whenever she gets the chance, J-Law likes to remind everyone that her face is still a) a vehicle for expression that is b) made of actual flesh. How? Like this.


Michael jackson segurando um bebê na varanda

Just like Jennifer, you, too, can master the exquisite art of face-making. Grab a mirror and get practicing with expressions like...


    Perfect entrance move.

    namoro lauv e julia michaels
  2. The Ultimate Face of Sadness

    Don't break this one out unless someone's dog just died.

  3. The No Likey

    You are displeased.

  4. The Silent Glare

    They will feel your anger hitting their flesh like the sting of a thousand bees.

  5. The Bro Hello

    Casual greeting face. Works best on a couch with a pizza on the table in front of you.

  6. The Squinch

    Cringe, relax, repeat.

  7. The Affirmative

    Convey total agreement without making a sound.

  8. The Silent Alarm

    Wordlessly alert everyone in the room that something really awkward just happened.

  9. The Rawr


  10. Amateur Flirting

    Everyone's first attempt at a sexy smile looks like this.

    uma garota está arya totalmente do inverno
  11. The Studious Eye-Averter Lionsgate

    A must-have for your expressive arsenal when you're trapped in an elevator with a naked person.

  12. ANGUISH!

    Special equipment required: A window or other transparent surface.

  13. The Pout

    Want something? Get it.

  14. The Horror Cringe

    Good for situations involving big bugs and/or bodily fluids.

  15. The Fake Smile

    You won't fool anyone, which is kind of the point.

  16. The Invisible String

    Master some more basic faces before moving on to this advanced pose.

    jogabilidade do gears of war 3
  17. The Can't Even

    Make this face while pointing at the thing which is making you unable to even.

  18. The Happy Booter

    When you're gonna vomit, but you're actually kind of delighted about it.

  19. The Derp