19 Artists Who Have Gotten Naked, Or Nearly Naked, For Their Album Covers

19 Artists Who Have Gotten Naked

Selena Gomez surprised us all on Tuesday when she unveiled her stripped down album cover for Revival.

The 'Good For You' singer completely shed her previous teen pop image as she literally bared all for the camera. But Sel's not the first artist to appear naked, or nearly naked, on an album cover. There are actually quite a few.

Here's a look back at 19 album covers that pushed boundaries, had jaws on the floor and left little to the imagination.

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  1. Selena Gomez: Revival https://instagram.com/p/7YduTpOjOp/?taken-by=selenagomez

    Selena is literally baring it all for her upcoming album which has her coming out of her 'comfort zone' and talking about being her own person.

  2. Christina Aguilera: Stripped

    Christina shed her teeny bopper image with her second album and introduced us to 'Xtina,' a leather chaps-wearing 'Dirrty' girl who was a real 'Fighter.'

  3. Janet Jackson: Janet

    The full image of this iconic photo appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1993 with Janet's then husband covering her breasts. It marked her fifth album and the point where she felt completley comfortable in her body, which is evident with her single and video for 'That's The Way Love Goes.'

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  4. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream

    Katy was the epitome of a teenage dream in 2010 with this album cover where she poses naked on a cotton candy cloud. Clearly she knew what she was doing with this album since it spawned five #1 singles.

  5. Rihanna: Unapologetic

    Rihanna made no apologies for her seventh album in 2012, which had her posing topless with the title and words like Victory, Chalice and Faith inked across her body.

  6. Ice T: Gangsta Rap

    Ice T who, in 2006, was going by the alias Iceberg, left little to the imagination as he and wife Coco stripped down in bed.

  7. Mac Miller: Watching Movies With The Sound Off

    Not only did Mac Miller like to watch movies with the sound off, he apparently liked to watch them naked.

  8. Lil' Kim: Notorious Kim

    Lil' Kim shed her top for her second album cover, which was shot by famed photographer David LaChapelle. Apparently the picture was supposed to be even racier, with Kim posing nude covered in Louis Vuitton logos, but that shot was used for the cover of Interview magazine.

  9. Bat For Lashes: The Haunted Man

    Natasha Khan decided to bare all and carry her 'haunted man' on her back for the 2012 cover as a way to shine a light on the industry's treatment of female artists .

  10. D'Angelo: Voodoo

    We got to know D'Angelo pretty well during this album cycle between the album cover and his super naked video for 'Untitled (How Does It Feel).'

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  11. Beyonce: 4

    With a strategically placed fur vest Bey looks nothing short of flawless on her 2011 album cover.

  12. Seal: Seal

    Not only did Seal's body look close to perfection, but this album also gave us the inescapable hit, 'Kiss From A Rose.'

  13. Kelly Rowland: Talk A Good Game

    The former Destiny's Child member showed some serious skin in the black-and-white image as she posed in a sheer long sleeved blouse with strategically placed hair looking fierce AF.

  14. Prince: Lovesexy

    This album cover proved to be so controversial back in 1988 that some stores refused to stock it, instead wrapping the album in black so no one could stare at Prince in the nude.

  15. Ciara: Jackie

    There's no reason Ciara shouldn't have a 'Body Party' when she looks this good. Ciara decided to pose only in jeans as she looked positively glowing on the cover of her latest album.

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  16. Lady Gaga: Artpop

    This cover was shot by famed artist Jeff Koons, which combined several of his art pieces including the gazing ball which 'affirms your existence.'

  17. Sky Ferreira: Night Time, My Time

    For her debut album, Sky rejected her label's request to go for a conventional photo, instead posed naked. The photo sparked some controversy, which the singer didn't understand since it was 'just a picture to me.'

  18. Britney Spears: Britney Jean

    Britney decided that with her most 'personal album yet' that she was going to get a little more scandalous with her album cover. However, Brit does leave some to the imagination.

  19. Nirvana: Nevermind

    You can't have a list with naked album covers without this one, right?