19 Burning Questions 'Heroes Reborn' Needs To Answer

19 Burning Questionsheroes Rebornneeds Answer


The last time we saw Noah 'Horn-Rimmed Glasses' Bennet , he was watching his daughter Claire climb up a ferris wheel, about to destroy an old world order. 'What's she doing?' Noah's partner Lauren asked, prompting Noah's crushing reply: 'Breaking my heart.'

With that, Claire leapt from the ferris wheel and created a brave new world… that lasted for approximately five minutes.

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Tonight sees the premiere of ' Heroes Reborn ,' and by all accounts, it does not look like Claire's plan to create harmony between normal humans and evolved humans worked out like she intended. Indeed, the show's creators have confirmed that we won't be seeing Claire this season, for the very worst reasons possible.

We don't have to wonder what happened to Claire, but we do have to wonder why and how it happened. And that's just one of the many questions we have coming out of 'Heroes' and heading into 'Heroes Reborn.' Here are some of the others:

  1. How much do we have to remember?

    We live in a golden age of television, where it's hard enough to keep up with every amazing show both on the air and the ones that stream in their entirety, let alone going back and catching up on shows we've missed. There are dedicated 'Heroes' fans who spent their summers plowing through the original four seasons, but what about the people who haven't looked back since the show went off the air in 2010? And what about the people who have never seen a single episode, but want to give this new series a shot? It's impossible for 'Heroes Reborn' to completely turn away from 'Heroes,' but just how much of the original series' minutia will we need to remember in order to make sense of the now?

  2. What is Hiro Nakamura's next adventure? NBC

    In the final episode of 'Heroes,' the time-traveler reunites with an elderly Charlie Andrews, the love of his life, and solemnly vows: 'My hero's journey has come to an end. I have no more quests.' But we know we'll see Hiro again in 'Reborn.' What's going to happen to pull him out of retirement?

  3. Where the heck is Ando? NBC

    James Kyson Lee is not listed as one of the many people popping up in 'Reborn.' If something awful happened to him between 'Heroes' and now, we will riot.

  4. How was Matt Parkman's sandwich? NBC

    The last time we saw him, Matt was about to make himself a midnight snack, before getting jumped by a small army of Eli, the multiple man. He then kicks Peter and Sylar out of his place, and we never see him again. But he'll return in 'Reborn,' and I sure hope the first thing we hear out of his mouth is a review of the sandwich he made once all these powered-up bozos left his house. I bet it was the best meal of his life.

  5. Why did Mohinder Suresh go bad? NBC

    Please don't tell me he Hulked out again. I don't think I can handle it if he hulked out again. But in the webisodes leading up to 'Heroes Reborn,' we see that people are tracking down Suresh for his alleged involvement in terrorist attacks. The Mohinder we know would never commit such crimes, except under the influence of his synthetic rage, and that's supposedly gone. Plus, when last we saw him, he was headed home to India to make amends with his girlfriend Mira. Guess that didn't go so well?

  6. What happened to Peter and Sylar? NBC

    When last we saw these guys, they were BFFs, putting their baggage behind them after living the equivalent of five years together in a Matt Parkman nightmare world. Where are they now? As far as we know, Milo Ventimiglia and Zachary Quinto are either too busy or uninterested in returning for 'Reborn,' so one assumes their scene in the Sullivan Bros. Carnival is the last we'll ever see of them — and in that case, I choose to believe they fell in love and moved somewhere far away to live happily ever after. But really, they're probably dead, because Tim Kring won't let us have nice things.

  7. What's a Petrelli without a Peter?

    Or a Nathan, for that matter? We know Angela will show up in 'Reborn,' but without her kids in the mix, what will she look like? All the dastardly deeds Mama Petrelli pulled off over the seasons was always in the name of her children, but with Nathan dead and Peter who-knows-where (probably dead and that makes me sad), what reason will she have for returning to the fold?

  8. How long until an Ali Larter shows up? NBC

    Between Niki, Gina, Jessica, Barbara and Tracy, you could come up with a pretty formidable punk rock band; I'd call it Alter Ego. It would not be 'Heroes' without one of these forms of Larter loitering around. Many of them are dead, but Tracy's still kicking around, flowing through the world like water — because, well, that's exactly what she is! Basically, anytime you see any form of water, assume it's Tracy until proven otherwise.

  9. How freaking excited are we to see The Haitian again? NBC

    So freaking excited.

  10. Seriously, what could have killed Claire? NBC

    Leaping from great heights doesn't do the trick. Getting her skull torn off and her brain picked apart by Sylar doesn't do it, either. In the final episode of 'Heroes,' she's trapped underground and told that her lungs will keep regenerating even as she runs out of oxygen. She can't even suffocate! So what's powerful enough to finally kill Claire, outside of a 'Nashville' contract? This just might be the single biggest question surrounding 'Reborn,' and its answer could determine whether or not this is a worthwhile watch.

  11. By the way, since they couldn't save the cheerleader… NBC

    …does that mean they can't save the world now, either? How does that work?

  12. How much will HRG blame himself? NBC

    In their final moments together, Noah Bennet begged Claire not to go public with her powers — to hide as far as she can once Samuel Sullivan reveals evolved humans to the world. But even though they stopped Samuel, Claire rebelled against her father… even though there are plenty of moments where Noah could have scooped her up and walked her away from the rolling cameras. Instead, he let her make her choice, and we'll learn in 'Reborn' that it was a fatal one. Can't imagine Noah's going to feel great about that once we meet him again.

  13. What happened to Lauren? NBC

    Remember Noah's main squeeze, his Company colleague and also his significant other? She was alive and well in the final stretch of 'Heroes,' but right now, we've heard nothing about her return. Please tell me she did not go the way of Claire Bear.

  14. Will any old villains return? NBC

    Samuel Sullivan was stopped, but not destroyed. Eric Doyle, the master of puppets, is out there, too. There are plenty of bad guys from the old days of 'Heroes' still running around. Will many or any of them resurface in the new series?

  15. Why is Chuck so mean? NBC

    When Zachary Levi was announced as one of the main cast members on 'Heroes Reborn,' people assumed he would be the new Peter — a pure hero, in other words. Well, about that. Previews have shown his character, Luke Collins, pulling guns on evolved humans and basically being the new HRG, except without the redeeming qualities. Why so mad, Chuck?

  16. Will we care about the new cast? NBC

    There are so many pre-existing figures in 'Heroes' mythology, people we desperately want to check in on, and so many people we won't see returning to the series. With the focus on a newer group of heroes, with pop-in appearances from the old guard, are we going to feel invested in the newcomers of 'Reborn,' or will we be counting the minutes between Hiro Nakamura cameos?

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  17. How long until we evacuate New York City? NBC

    Bad things always happen to the Big Apple on 'Heroes,' and you gotta imagine it won't be much different in 'Reborn.' Maybe this world just needs to get everyone out of Manhattan and call it a day. I hear Hoboken is pretty hip.

  18. What's with all the funky sky stuff? NBC

    Not a lingering question from 'Heroes,' but one from all the teasers of 'Reborn.' There's all sorts of crazy Northern Lights shenanigans happening in the previews, and we can't wait to find out what that's all about.

  19. And most importantly… NBC

    Has anyone discovered yet that there are strange chapter titles littered all over the place in 'Heroes' world? I feel like an entire volume could be dedicated to this mystery.