19 GIFs That Prove Andrew Scott Would Be The Best Bond Villain Yet

19 Gifs That Prove Andrew Scott Would Be Best Bond Villain Yet

The announcement of ' Spectre ,' the next James Bond movie, was met with a lot of delighted squealing today -- and not because of the renewed possibility that Daniel Craig might once again put on that teeny-tiny butt-hugger of a swimsuit from 'Casino Royale.' Wherefore all the excitement? That would be because Andrew Scott, a.k.a. the mackerel-eyed crazypants from the BBC's 'Sherlock,' has officially been confirmed as part of the cast.

Scott is on board as someone called 'Denbigh,' who is reportedly based at the Mi6 Whitehall headquarters. But hopefully this doesn't mean that Denbigh is one of the good guys, because that would be a tragic waste of Scott's amazing talent for playing a character made of pure psychotic evil. Below, we've rounded up a few GIFs that capture his range of villainy.

1. Here he is, lost in an evil daydream.

2. Need a dead-eyed, villainous nod? He's got that move down, hardcore.

3. His 'shocked' face is the stuff of nightmares.

4. Speaking of nightmares, here's your next one.

5. Evil nonchalance in the face of a loaded gun? Check.

6. Moments where he seems almost normal, only to suddenly whip out The Crazy? Yep.

7. And here's the moment at which 90% of the 'Sherlock' audience dove screaming beneath the couch, because SCARY.

8. We're pretty sure that Martin Freeman isn't actually acting in this scene.

9. However, like all good villains, Scott looks obscenely handsome smoking a cigarette.

10. And he totally understands the motivations of a bad guy.

11. He makes a highly believable nihilist.

12. He's well-practiced at ridiculously evil one-liners...

13. ...and at backing them up.

14. Think the word 'doofus' can't be terrifying? You're wrong.

15. And if you're thinking that he'd be less creepy if he just smiled a little... nope.

16. Seriously, the screaming was less disturbing.

17. And here's how he'll look at the moment when he gets tired of toying with our hero and finally goes in for the kill.

18. Even now, it's like he's taunting us.

19. Please, let Andrew Scott be the next Bond villain. We can't stand to watch him cry anymore.