19 Radical TMNT Tattoos To Get Before You See The New Movie

19 Radical Tmnt Tattoos Get Before You See New Movie

Fans everywhere are pumped for the new ' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ' movie, and what better way to show your loyalty to Splinter's ideals than by permanently inking your body? Check out these awesome tats for ideas from some of the bravest skin ninjas around.

mariah carey no episódio completo de wild n out

A brother always has your back (or shell)

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Turtles on a half leg


Beware the Foot

Mallory Klunk/saintsandsinnerstattoo.com

Even Casey Jones would have to admit he's impressed

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Raphael should've been the middle finger!


Michaelango has never been cooler

The way into a man's heart is through his Krang

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If only I could've gotten tattoos when I was eight...thanks, MOM.

'Snort! Sowwe boss!'

Raph stamp

DeviantArt: Yapi

Sonogram from Dimension X

Eli Nick/Facebook

Shred that armpit hair, dude


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What did Noah paint?

DeviantArt: Missjean

'He Made A Funny'


Turtle noir

Tuan Le

Not gonna see this in a PG-13 movie

Justin Zaun

Let's get that bad(ass) taste out of our mouths

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celexa faz você ganhar peso

Back to the sewer

Man, I love being a turtle!