19 Things We Miss About The OG Nickelodeon Magazine

19 Things We Miss About Og Nickelodeon Magazine

From 1993 to 2009, Nickelodeon regularly published the best magazine for '90s kids. (Sorry, Disney Adventures .) Featuring comics, celeb interviews, gags, and fun behind-the-scenes secrets for all things Nick, it was a dark, dark day when Nickelodeon Magazine ceased publication at the end of 2009. (Full Disclosure: MTV and Nickelodeon are both owned by Viacom.)

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In 2015, however, Nickelodeon worked with Papercutz and revived the magazine series, and it's still going strong. And while it's awesome the mag returned, it'll never be the same as the OG series.

  1. For starters, that dope commercial Nickelodeon

    Just try and rewatch this classic and not mouth the words. Please!

  2. And the colorful covers Nickelodeon

    Once you saw that iconic orange Nickelodeon banner in your mailbox, you knew it was gonna be a good day.

  3. Impy and Wormer comic strips by James Kochalka Nickelodeon

    This classic comic was a staple of the magazine. Impy was the bug who never used correct grammar, and Wormer was the worm who somehow put up with him 24/7.

  4. And you can't forget about Scene But Not Heard by Sam Henderson Nickelodeon

    Originally written for Nickelodeon Magazine , a collection of Henderson's wordless comics was complied in 2013 and is available for purchase . It's also 'the longest-running feature in the history of Nickelodeon Magazine .'

  5. Zelda Van Gutters Nickelodeon

    The mascot of the magazine, Zelda was a 'roving reporter' who added sarcastic comments throughout each issue.

  6. Goofy prank labels Nickelodeon

    There were also ones for fake food you could put around cans. Sadly, nobody in my family ever fell for it.

  7. And creepy face morphs Nickelodeon / The Splat/Tumblr
  8. Recipes you wouldn't see in a normal cookbook Nickelodeon
  9. And crafts that were anything but lame Nickelodeon
  10. There was a section actually titled 'Ooze News' Nickelodeon

    You never saw that in People or Entertainment Weekly .

  11. And 'Real' stories were properly labeled Nickelodeon

    If an article or story were true, Nick Mag would add that little 'Real' symbol so you knew what was up.

  12. Caption contests that allowed you a chance to end up in a future issue Nickelodeon

    It still stings a little that mine were never chosen, tbh.

  13. And step-by-step guides to drawing your favorite Nicktoons Nickelodeon

    Of course, my drawings never turned out how they were supposed to, but whatever.

  14. The articles that actually used phrases such as, 'Got the poop on' Nickelodeon

    Side note: 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd was a damn good show, and don't you tell me otherwise.

  15. There were ridiculously awesome Valentine's Day cards Nickelodeon
  16. And calendars that actually made us look forward to the days ahead Nickelodeon
  17. Plus, there were fun quizzes Nickelodeon

    However, the answers weren't always provided...

  18. The sheer randomness of it all Nickelodeon
  19. And, of course, BB Leonardo DiCaprio https://www.instagram.com/p/BCZC0icszwp/

To fall down the nostalgia rabbit hole even further, check out the Tumblr page Nick Mag Scans for more throwback goodies.

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