19 Times Paul Walker Stole The Show In The 'Fast and Furious' Movies

19 Times Paul Walker Stole Show Thefast

Admit it, you're going to cry buckets when you see Brian O'Connor ride for one last time in 'Furious 7.' And why shouldn't you? Vin Diesel may have gotten more attention over the years, but Paul Walker was a staple of the franchise since the very beginning, and probably got the most screen time out of any single actor. His casual, laid-back presence was a perfect counterpart to all the vibrant personalities on display, from The Rock to Tyrese.

The new movie races into theaters this Friday (April 3), but in the meantime, let's celebrate Paul Walker's legacy by taking a look at all the awesome scenes and stunts he got to pull off until his untimely death in 2013 -- starting with his very first appearance in 2001 and working our way up.

  1. The second he appeared on screen in 'The Fast and The Furious.' Universal

    Aw, baby! Look at those beautiful badly bleached curls.

  2. When we watch him street race for the very first time. https://youtu.be/pZZ60jrw6cg

    Brian loses his first race against Dom, but just look at his face when he realizes what happened. That's the face of a man who just found his new best friend.

  3. When Brian blows his cover because he just loves his new illegal street race family so much. Universal

    He says he does it for Mia, but it's kind of like how Harry marries Ginny at the end of the 'Harry Potter' series -- you know he totally cares about her brother waaaaaay more.

  4. Then he and Dominic Toretto race out their feelings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfV87TgYH78

    And he lets Dom get away at the end! That's when they became brothers 4 life.

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  5. When he spent all that time on the run for helping Dom. Universal

    Ever wonder how Brian got from LA to Miami for the 'Fast and Furious' sequel? It's all explained in a 2003 short film 'Turbo-Charged Prelude,' in which he travels across the country winning as many street races as he can while trying to escape the feds.

  6. That time he pulled a reverse 180 on Roman in '2 Fast 2 Furious.' https://youtu.be/2xxZ6kju6xo

    He was, as Roman puts it, a crazy ass white boy.

  7. And then he drove his Chevrolet Camaro into a drug lord's yacht. https://youtu.be/JXQWJ63fico

    The things you do for Eva Mendes, man.

  8. When he finally cleans up and looks like a real FBI agent. Universal

    *Sniff* They grow up so fast.

  9. When he and Mia get back together Universal

    Dom and Letty might be our OTP, but watching these two reminisce about the good ol' days was something pretty special.

  10. Then he finally knocks some sense into Dom. https://youtu.be/g-gebDSBFkY

    All brothers fight sometimes.

  11. But then they get right back to being best bros again. Universal

    Hooray! We killed that guy who murdered Letty and put drug lord Arturo Braga in jail!

  12. When the team tries to rob a train and everything goes wrong. https://youtu.be/S8Vu6A9LW20

    Unless you're a fan of watching Brian O'Connor dangle off of cliffs, in which case things are going very right for you. (And -- spoiler alert! You're gonna love 'Furious 7.' Just sayin')

  13. When he and Mia jump off a roof together. https://youtu.be/vf6nfEZgorY

    That right there? True love.

  14. When Brian finds out he's going to be a father. Universal

    After free-running across the entire length of Rio with his pregnant lover, of course. It's fine, that baby's gonna grow up to be a tough kid!

  15. Brian wants another one-on-one race with Dom. Universal

    The day is saved, everybody's filthy rich, and Brian and Mia are happy together -- but he still needs to prove that he can beat his brother-in-law without anybody mentioning his new status as a family man.

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  16. Brian, Mia, and Jack make the most perfect family ever. Universal

    They do. Don't try to tell us otherwise.

  17. When Letty comes back from the dead and Brian has to be Dom's moral support. Universal

    Never turn your back on family, Brian.

  18. Oh yeah, and there was that time he broke into jail all by himself. Universal The team needs to find Owen Shaw, and the only way to do that is to sneak somebody into jail to talk to one of his associates (Arthur Braga! Whaaaaaaaa?). Good thing Paul Walker's up to the task. Bascially, every time he said something that totally destroyed us on a re-watch. Universal We'll miss you, man.