19 Times 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' Made You Want To Eat Your TV

19 Timescharlie Chocolate Factorymade You Want Eat Your Tv

No movie in the history of movies has ever been more crave-inducing than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . The sweets-filled film, which first graced the silver screen ten years ago on July 15, 2005, was the ultimate exercise in food porn.

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Unfortunately for viewers, though, Willy Wonka’s television to real-life chocolate machine has not yet been invented, so the food stayed on the screen. Still, in honor of the film’s anniversary, we’ve rounded up all the times that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made you want to get up and run to the candy store.

  1. When there were literally walls on walls on walls of candy bars. Warner Bros.
  2. When Charlie got to eat his birthday chocolate bar. Warner Bros.

    Yeah, the Golden Ticket is pretty exciting, but also, chocolate.

  3. When Augustus showed us what we all look like mid-chocolate binge. Warner Bros.

    Dollars to donuts the ticket tasted good too.

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  4. When they got to the factory and literally everything was edible. Warner Bros.

    What would candy grass taste like? I don’t care, I want it.

  5. Even Willy Wonka. Warner Bros.
  6. When you realized that that stuff that looks like bark is actually MORE CHOCOLATE. Warner Bros.
  7. When Veruca ate this lollipop. Warner Bros.
  8. When Augustus perfectly expressed how we all really feel about sharing food. Warner Bros.

    Augustus Gloop is my spirit animal.

  9. When Charlie started to get in on the edible fun. Warner Bros.

    Embrace the sugar high, Charlie.

  10. When Augustus, ever our hero, did what we would all do when faced with a river of chocolate. Warner Bros.

    I don’t care if he’s drowning, it’s a chocolate river, damn it!

  11. When they took the jelly boat out for a spin. Warner Bros.


  12. When Violet’s gum chewing habit made you crave some minty freshness. Warner Bros.
  13. When there was gum that tastes like dinner. Warner Bros.

    Three course meal? Sign me up.

  14. Although that didn't necessarily end well. Warner Bros.

    Still, now you kinda wanted blueberries?

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  15. When Wonka offered to pay the Oompa Loompa’s in MORE CHOCOLATE. Warner Bros.

    It’s not Trident Layers, but we’d take it.

  16. When Veruca was served up some *sweet* justice. Warner Bros.

    And you suddenly realized how much you were craving peanuts.

  17. When Willy Wonka brought out this humongous bar of chocolate. Warner Bros.
  18. And when Freddie Highmore brought this giant candy bar to the premiere. L. Cohen/WireImage
  19. Basically, this whole movie just had you like... Nickelodeon