2 Chainz And Diplo Tried A $100,000 Bottle Of Water And This Is What They Thought: Watch

2 Chainz Diplo Tried 100

2 Chainz is on a quest to try out some of the world’s ‘Most Expensive Sh-t’ as part of his GQ series, so he recently asked Diplo to join him as he tried a 0,000 bottle of water.

quem escreveu a bela e a canção da fera

Ain’t [all water] the same? 2 Chainz asked in the clip.

Apparently, no, it isn't all the same. So, 2 Chainz and Diplo went on to try different types of water, ranging from a bottle of H2O to a bottle before finally testing the 90H20 bottle, which costs a whopping 0,000.


So what goes into a 0,000 bottle of water? Well, in the clip, we learn that it’s only been made nine times in the world and that it even has diamonds in the bottle cap. Sound impressive?

Not for 2 Chainz.

Why would you drink expensive water, when you could just drink rain? he said in his review. It almost seems like if you put a diamond on something, they gonna run up a tab on you.

Looks like Chainz is just going to stick with the less expensive water he usually buys.

'Shout out to my homie Diplo, too, 2 Chainz said. 'Both of us have an acquired expensive taste. Neither one of us believes we should pay 0,000 for a bottle of water.

Before trying the 0,000 bottle of water with Diplo, 2 Chainz also tried out a ton of other expensive things.

For example, he and Big Sean had diamond-infused vodka.


He checked out a million car.


He listened to ,000 headphones.


He used a ,000 toothbrush.


He wore a bullet proof suit.


He Had A ,000 Ice Cream Sundae


And He kicked it with a 0,000 dog.