2 Chainz Is Opening A Three-Story Pop-Up Shop For His New Mixtape

2 Chainz Is Opening Three Story Pop Up Shop

Five years after the release of the last Trap-A-Velli mixtape—'Trap-A-Velli 2: (The Residue)'— 2 Chainz is dropping 'Trapavelli Tre' on Thursday, August 13. But this is no normal tape drop, Tity Boi is coupling this release with a Trapavelli pop-up shop on Peter Street in Atlanta, Georgia.


He's been teasing the shop on Instagram for a little less than a week with close-up shots of merch tags in various places , each featuring a cartoon stove that—for some reason—has a face.


Not all of his updates are so cryptic, though. 'On the night of the 12th ..I will open the Trapavelli POP UP SHOP on peters street!!!!' he wrote in the caption of this flyer for the shop, 'Will be a 3 story experience of the trapavelli trap house, a first look viewing of the limited edition trapavelli clothing line designed by myself together with a sneak peak of the mixtape #TrapavelliTre!! For the first time a pop up shop will be the physical experience of a mixtape!' Whoa. Very involved. Definitely wasn't expecting that.


As far as that clothing he mentions, he has more details to share there, too. The Trapavelli shop will boast a limited edition clothing line, replete with t-shirts, jerseys, denim (his PRPS jeans collab ) and ponchos—yes, ponchos .

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Through some digging, we uncovered that ATL-based company Holy Stitch has been very involved in the production of these limited edition Trapavelli pieces. Could this be one of those ponchos? It seems pretty likely.


2 Chainz also provides a phone number (470-223-TRAP) which he encourages you to call if you have any questions. Obviously, I called it trying to get more images of the goods, and the nice salespeople at the Trapavelli shop told me to keep an eye on 2 Chainz' Instagram where more will be revealed.

If you live outside of the ATL area and don't have any plans to visit by next Thursday, you're probably out of luck. The shop will only be open for a week and there will be no online shopping. Better start booking your trip?