2009 MTV Movie Awards Music Moment: Kings Of Leon, 'Use Somebody'

2009 Mtv Movie Awards Music Moment

(Credit: John Shearer - Wire Image)

Last night was a really big deal for Kings Of Leon , but it's hard to imagine them stressing it too hard. They always play it so cool. But nervous or not, Tennessee's Followill brothers (and cousin) had one of the biggest rapt audiences of their young lives last night, and they flat-out killed it on whoa-oh anthem, 'Use Somebody.'

The Only By The Night single won the boys plenty of new admirers last night, but they already had some high-profile fans in the audience. Zac Efron (who won Best Male Performance for High School Musical 3: Senior Year ) and Robert Pattinson (who won pretty much everything else ) to name two! The show's studliest guests (although those Followills give 'em a run for their money!) both have their iPods loaded up with Kings Of Leon.

And as we've told you before, Miley Cyrus (who fist-bumped God for making 'The Climb' Best Song ) and Taylor Swift (who popped up in the Twilight segment of Andy Samberg 's intro ) have big crushes on KOL bassist Jared Followill . So, it's no surprise that the 2009 MTV Movie Awards gave Kings Of Leon a very warm welcome, and kept clapping well into the commercial break!

Watch their full performance of 'Use Somebody,' below, and see what Hollywood's all worked up about.

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