21 Times Ariana Grande Purrfectly Nailed Cat Ears

21 Times Ariana Grande Purrfectly Nailed Cat Ears

Ariana Grande dropped the video for her new single 'Love Me Harder' yesterday, and while it appears to be the petite pop star's most serious video to date (sorry alien dudes in ' Break Free ), Ariana still provides some sartorial levity wearing what's been turning into her go-to accessory: cat ears. (Hey, when homegirl finds the perfect hair look, she sticks with it .)

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As a result, we've decided to round up every single instance in which tiny Catwoman Ariana has worn cat ears IRL or on the interwebs. So take a look, and let us know which feline-inspired ensemble you're feelin' the most in the comments below.

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1. The time she coordinated her cat ears with a cat tee.


2. Or when she cozied up with an axe murderer at Universal Studios.


3. The time she was a kitty schoolgirl.


4. When she was 'in costume' the day after Halloween in 2013.


5. The time she had snowflake cat ears.


6. When she performed at the 2013 Jingle Ball in a crop top and skirt laden with holly.

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7. Or when she showed up at SiriusXM in Los Angeles wearing cat-ready attire.

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8. Right before performing on 'America's Got Talent' in a super sparkly LBD.

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9. The time she showed us cat ears coordinate just as well with comfy classics.


10. As well with formal outfits while you're strolling through Tokyo, NBD.


11. The time she wore them while performing at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival in strategically-placed sequins.

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12. While booty-bumping with Nicki in a space-age skirt.

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13. And hosting the official iHeartRadio After Party in white lace.

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14. But also while performing in leather sports bra from Rita Ora ’s Adidas collab .

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15. And at BPM Nightclub in–surprise!– silver ones.

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16. And on 'SNL,' while wearing a crop top and pencil skirt.

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17. She wore them while being backlit with The Weeknd .


18. And at the Radio One Teen Awards. (What happened to your silver cat ears, Ari?)

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19. And at The We Can Survive Concert at the Hollywood Bowl in even more sparkly coordinates.

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20. She also has a pearl and lace set she likes to bust out once in awhile.


21. But opted for her tried-and-true pair of black cat ears during ' Love Me Harder .'

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