21 Times Jared Padalecki's Hair Was The Most Important Thing About 'Supernatural'

21 Times Jared Padaleckis Hair Was Most Important Thing Aboutsupernatural

Supernatural has taken viewers through ten seasons of emotional roller coasters, bromances and pie, but every true fan knows that the most important part of the show is Jared Padalecki ’s hair.

Travelling from short and silky to long and lustrous throughout the show’s long run, J Pad’s hair is a character in and of itself. (And we haven’t even started talking about his sideburns yet!)

Because you can never have too much Padalecki hair appreciation, here are all the times that Jared’s hair was the most important thing about Supernatural.

  1. When he was evil but he still had great hair. The CW
  2. When he *kind of felt good.* The CW
  3. When he rocked the bowl cut. The CW
  4. When he beautifully and majestically flipped his hair. The CW
  5. When we got this perfect side view. The CW
  6. When his stare couldn’t compete with the power of his hair. The CW
  7. When we got this beautiful picture of his sideburns. The CW
  8. When he just woke up but his hair was still perf. The CW
  9. When he perfectly tucked it behind his ears. The CW
  10. When he walked through a hallway and let the breeze blow through his locks. The CW
  11. When he was sad about how gorgeous his hair looked. The CW
  12. When he was confused about how good his hair looked. The CW
  13. When he was all suave because he knew how good he looked. The CW
  14. When he wondered how anyone could think his hair wasn't perfect. The CW
  15. When he blew up Cas’ head but it was chill because of his hair. The CW
  16. When he used to wear his hair short. The CW
  17. When he was crying over the fact that he ran out of conditioner. The CW

    Or something.

  18. When he was like nah, my hair doesn’t look that good. The CW
  19. When this brotherly love hug was happening but who cares because HAIR. The CW
  20. When he was j-chillin’ in bed with beautiful locks. The CW
  21. Basically, just always. The CW