22 Hot Music Video Guys Who Will Warm You Up When Your PSL Isn't Enough

22 Hot Music Video Guys Who Will Warm You Up When Your Psl Isnt Enough

Sometimes I wish I was Katy Perry or Britney , not because of the fame or the fortune, but because they always get the best-looking guys. Music video guys. For years, I lived vicariously through these pop stars and watched longingly as they hopped on the back of motorcycles, danced with or shared steamy kisses with their leading men.

If you aren't participating in cuffing season or your pumpkin spice latte (PSL) isn't keeping you warm enough, surely the following hot music video guys will heat things up for you.

1. ' rocky relationship through dance . Good news: no one was actually hurt during this shoot. Bad news: he's married .

2. ' Rumors ' by Lindsay Lohan

This was probably the only song off of her 2004 album Speak to get significant radio airplay and reached the #1 spot on 'TRL ,' which got a little help to the top from this hunk's steely stare.

3. Big Sean in ' Problem ' by Ariana Grande

The two first collaborated on her song ' Right There ,' and are now together as a couple .

4. ' Girlfriend ' by Avril Lavigne

It's a battle between Nerdy Avril and Punk Chick Avril to win the affections of this guy with the 1,000 watt-smile.

5. ' Irreplaceable ' by Beyoncé

Bey's love interest played a police officer in her 'Ring The Alarm' video before becoming the leading man this time around. Shocking tidbit: this was meant to be a country song !

6. ' Teenage Dream ' by Katy Perry

She's had a lot of good-looking music video men, but this one takes the beefcake cake.

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7. Justin Gaston in ' Love Story ' by Taylor Swift

Besides being Miley 's former flame, he starred in the pilot of ' Glee ' and had a recurring role on the soap opera ' Days of Our Lives .'

8. ' Call Me Maybe ' by Carly Rae Jepsen

You really feel for Carly Rae when you get to the end of the video and realize he'll never be her bae.

9. ' Call Me When You're Sober ' by Evanescence

Usually when guys are drunk, they have red, bloodshot eyes, not the crystal clear blue that this sexy vampire has. Dreamy. Do the undead have cell phones? I'd give him my number.

10 & 11. ' Your Body ' by Christina Aguilera

Neither the tall, dark and handsome hunk nor the blond-hair, bright-eyed babe stand a chance against Xtina, who plays the enchantress you don't want to fall victim to.

12 & 13. ' Latch ' by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith

This video plays into the drawn-out anticipation of getting that kiss from that special someone, and these guys were the stand-out hotties that got some sugar.

14. ' Right Thru Me ' by Nicki Minaj

His name is Monfret. Willy Monfret. He's a French model (if you couldn't tell by his sexy accent) and the object of Nicki's affections. They get off to a rocky start in the video, but they patch things up as the plot line moves along.

15. ' We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together ' by Taylor Swift

Taylor made it on the list again, because she happens to have very good taste in choosing her love interests...or in this case, ex-interest. In this single-take filmed video , she gives this dude the boot and makes it clear that they're history.

16. James Van Der Beek in ' Blow ' by Kesha

I haven't seen Van Der Beek since he was on ' Dawson's Creek .' Wow.

17. ' All About You ' by Hilary Duff

Not everyone gets to reunite with their missed connection . Glad that Hilary's character was bold enough to actually look for hers, but it definitely helped that he forgot his vinyl at the coffee shop.

18 & 19.' Boys ' by Britney Spears

Sometimes a girl just needs one -- or more, if you're Britney. The first hottie had dinner with her and the other one just happened to be taking a dip in the pool while she was passing by. Can I be her?

20. This vintage hottie in ' Borderline ' by Madonna

Madge knows how to pick her men, and this guy was a good-looking struggling dancer in the '80s named Louie Louie.

21. David Gandy in ' First Love ' by Jennifer Lopez

He's a model. You probably have seen him in the Dolce & Gabbana commercial and maybe these other times .

22. Alexander Skarsgård in ' Paparazzi ' by Lady Gaga

Remember when this 'True Blood' star sat on a toilet in the South Pole...NAKED ?

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