'22 Jump Street': 9 Easter Eggs And Cameos You Might Have Missed

22 Jump Street 9 Easter Eggs

Given that '22 Jump Street' is basically one gigantic parody of sequels, it's no surprise the movie is full of little in jokes and references. And while some of them are obvious — pointing at star Ice Cube's new office and saying he's standing in what looks like a cube made of ice, for example — some are near legendary status Easter Eggs and cameos.

Here's nine Eggs and cameos you might have missed:

1. Office Dennis Booker

Okay, this one is kind of obvious, but Richard Greico makes a cameo in the end credits as Officer Dennis Booker from the original '21 Jump Street' series. He follows in the footsteps of co-star Johnny Depp, who showed up in the first movie.

2. Seth Rogen

Did you notice the cleverly hidden Seth Rogen cameo? Again, possibly obvious, but Rogen briefly 'replaces' Hill for one of the many '22 Jump Street' pretend sequels during the end credits. Rogen co-starred with Hill in 'This Is The End,' among other movies, and they're friends in real life.

3. Anna Faris

Faris also shows up, joining Schmidt and Jenko as a rare female co-star cop in yet another pretend sequel.

4. 'Barbershop 2' Reunion

'22 Jump Street' pays homage to another classic sequel, 'Barbershop 2,' by once again pairing up co-stars Queen Latifah and Ice Cube as the parents of Jonah Hill's sometimes girlfriend. Fingers crossed she's running a Jump Street unit of her own.

5. The Benjamin J. Hill School For Cinema Studies

During the car chase through campus, the boys and their enemies pass by the Benjamin J. Hill School For Cinema Studies. In case you don't know, this is a reference to classic comedian Benny Hill, and the scene is complete with his signature music and fast moving chase back and forth across screen.

6. Spider-Man

Shortly after Schmidt wonders aloud when Jenko turned into Spider-Man, Tatum strikes the super-hero's signature pose. Could Tatum take over the franchise from Andrew Garfield??? No.

7. We Also Thought 'White House Down' Was A Good Idea

Tatum gets an under the radar dig at his own career when he suggests that maybe he and Hill could go undercover in the Secret Service, a reference to the less than stellar box office of his movie 'White House Down.' Hill and Cube think it's a dumb idea, but Tatum mumbles he liked it. We're with you, Channing.

8. Red Herring

Just because it's a little bit of an inside baseball term, Rooster (Jimmy Tatro) reveals the tattoo on his arm, and it turns out to be… A red herring. In a mystery, a red herring is a clue that leads nowhere, just like Rooster's tattoo.

9. Diplo

Who was that Spring Break DJ? None other than real life DJ Diplo ! In director Lord and Miller's last movie, they ended with a joke about Duplos, and now they ended with a cameo by Diplo! That's not an Easter Egg, it's just an observation.

Now tell us which Easter Eggs WE missed, in the comments below!