22 Times We Got 'A' All Wrong On 'Pretty Little Liars'

22 Times We Gota All Wrong Onpretty Little Liars

Everyone and their mother has been an A suspect at one time or another on ' Pretty Little Liars .'

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Those Liars are understandably a finicky, paranoid bunch, surrounded by very suspicious people in a town where people keep getting murdered. Wouldn’t you start suspecting your classmates, friends, and families, too? Now that we finally know the identity of A let’s take the time to look back on all of the times the Liars were wrong. (Guys, there were so many.)

Here is a definitive list of every A suspect -- both Originals and Uber -- the Liars have ever had.

  1. Jenna Marshall ABC Family

    Remember the good old days when the Liars suspected Jenna was A? They had good reason to think Jenna might hate them enough to enact some kind of revenge, too. They were complicit in a prank pulled by Alison that left Jenna blind. Though the Liars and Jenna have never completely gotten along, they have become tenuous allies at times.

  2. Toby Cavanaugh ABC Family

    Toby has been an A suspect not only once, but twice. When we first met him, everyone in Rosewood was treating him like a leper. Though Emily because friends with Pretty Eyes, the Liars were still kind of worried her might be after them. Later in the show, Toby took his turn as the requisite Liars' significant other with possible A ties. It turns out Toby did have A ties -- he was part of the A Team, but it was later revealed that he was only doing it to help keep Spencer and the others safe.

  3. Ian Thomas ABC Family

    Ian was a total piece of work. Though he might not have turned out to be A, the Liars weren’t exactly wrong to suspect him. He might not have killed Ali, but he did have an illegal affair with her and he did almost push Spencer off of a belltower to her death. Ian might not have been A, but he was bad news. (#sorrynotsorry, Melissa!)

  4. Jason DiLaurentis ABC Family

    Jason DiLaurentis is a sullen sort, and sullen sorts tend to get accused of things. It didn’t help that Jason was once revealed to have an entire shed full of photos of Aria. Or that he couldn’t really remember what happened the night of his sister’s disappearance.

  5. Lucas Gottesman

    Poor, Lucas. He totally got pulled into the A game back in the day, ruining his relationship with Hanna. Even before that, though, he was a total A suspect when he started acting fishy around Hanna. Turns out he lost a lot of Caleb’s money in an ill-advised basketball game bet, but Hanna didn’t know that. And why would you try to confess something like that to someone on a night canoe ride that would make for the perfect murder situation?

  6. Nate St. Germain

    Nate wasn’t an A suspect for long because, soon after the Liars discovered he was not who he seemed, he explained his motive for going after Emily and Paige: he had been Maya’s stalker and murdered her when she chose to return to Rosewood. He wanted to punish Emily for having Maya’s love.

  7. Detective Wilden ABC Family

    We’re still not sure what Detective Wilden's deal was, but given that he was murdered, he’s not A. We can understand why the Liars would have thought so, though. When no dressing up as the Queen of Hearts and trying to push unsuspecting Liars off of Halloween trains, he spent his time more generally harassing the Liars and their loved ones in a total abuse of his power.

  8. Mona Vanderwaal ABC Family

    We’re not sure if Mona should count because the Liars only started suspecting her after she revealed herself to be A -- and for the wrong crimes. Sure, Mona was a total A the first two seasons of this show, but the Liars have suspected her of being Uber A since. She may have been working for the big boss, but Mona was never A when the Liars actually suspected her. #fAil

  9. Noel Kahn

    Who wouldn’t suspect Noel Kahn? He’s kind of a douche. Way back in season 1, the Liars were convinced Noel was their nemesis, but when he got suspended for cheating on a test and A took credit for it, they moved onto their next suspect.

  10. Melissa Hastings ABC Family

    Melissa has always been a suspicious character. She was involved with Ian, who was a total creep, and was part of the N.A.T. Club, the keepers of Rosewood’s secrets before A. In season 4, the Liars suspected Melissa enough to follow her to Hector Lime’s mask shop where they saw Spencer’s big sis smashing masks of her face. When Spencer approached her about it, Melissa claimed they were made when she was on her own search for the truth about Alison. Though Melissa has been suspicious since, the Liars haven’t again seemed to suspect her of being A.

  11. Byron Montgomery ABC Family

    For a hot minute, the Liars thought Aria’s dad might have been involved in Ali’s apparent death when it was revealed that he spoke with Ali the night she disappeared. It turns out she was blackmailing Byron for money, after finding out about his affair with Meredith. When Aria confronted him about it, he assured her that he didn’t do anything to hurt her friend.

  12. Spencer Hastings Pretty Little Liars/ABC Family

    For one terrible moment in season 3, the Liars were worried that their friend was part of the A game. To be fair, she was pretending to be part of the A Team in some kind of short-lived, convincing-to-no-one double agent move. The rest of Team Liar quickly figured out that Spencer wasn’t A by having Hanna dress up as Red Coat to see if Spencer would chase after her to try to discover her identity. Totally worked.

  13. Wren Kingston

    Right before Wren apparently fled the country to return to the motherland, the Liars were sure he was implicit in the A game. Toby discovered a connection between Shana and Wren. However, before they could question the good doctor, he hightailed it out of town.

  14. Alison DiLaurentis ABC Family

    Who didn’t think that Ali could have been A at one point or another? The Liars voiced the concern on a few occasions, theorizing that their friend wasn’t really dead and was trying to keep control of her friend-group from beyond the apparent grave.

  15. Jessica DiLaurentis ABC Family

    Mrs. DiLaurentis surfaced as a main suspect following the reveal of Ezra’s own research. He claimed that she was a main suspect in the A game, making the Liars look at her more seriously as an A suspect. She obviously became disqualified when she was murdered. (Murder: the best way to get yourself off of the A suspect list.)

  16. Mike Montgomery ABC Family

    Mike Montgomery has enjoyed a few bouts of A suspicion, but the Liars didn’t really start to suspect him until this past season when he started acting super shady in the months following Mona’s death. It was ultimately revealed that he was trying to fulfill his part of Mona’s fake death plan. Though he knew about A, he definitely wasn’t the Big Bad.

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  17. Detective Holbrook ABC Family

    Hanna was sure enough that Holbrook was involved in the A game that she went to visit the trailer park where he grew up to try to get some answers from his dad. This is the sort of thing that happens when you drop out of detective book club, kids.

  18. Ezra Fitz ABC Family

    Oh, the Ezra is A Reveal. We have such fondness for you, even if the show ended up backtracking on this potentially game-changing reveal. (See also: Toby is A Reveal.) When the camera panned around in the season 4 Halloween special to show Ezra’s handsome mug under the black hoodie, we weren’t sure what to think. The Liars -- specifically Spencer -- didn’t start suspecting Mr. Fitz until episodes later when she realized that he was the 'Board Shorts' from Ali’s stories.

  19. Paige McCullers ABC Family

    The Liars (save Emily) were convinced that Paige was A for a hot minute in season 3 when it is revealed that Alison tormented Paige back in the day by leaving her fake love notes from Emily and threatening to tell Paige’s dad that his daughter is gay. Classy stuff. When Paige saves Spencer on the Halloween train, the Liars start trusting her.

  20. Andrew Campbell ABC Family

    If you’ve been watching 'PLL' recently, then you know that Andrew was one of the big red herrings of the summer hiatus. Of course, the Liars didn’t start suspecting this dude until after their escape from the dollhouse when the police (led by hotshot Toby) informed them that Andrew was the one we had locked them away. They were wrong.

  21. Rhys Matthews ABC Family

    When the Liars get desperate, all it takes is a face that looks like a DiLaurentis to mark you as guilty. When Hanna and Spencer visited the Carissimi Group earlier this season and saw this Jason DiLaurentis look-alike, they were sure he was Charles and therefore A. Little did they know, he was just one of CeCe's pawns.

  22. Clark ABC Family

    Photog Clark was never a serious A suspect, but you’d better believe meeting up with a DiLaurentis look-alike at an abandoned doll factory will at least get you a spot at the bottom of the A suspect list.