23 One Direction Fan Posters That Have No Chill

23 One Direction Fan Posters That Have No Chill

By Jessica Norton

With the tragic departure of Zayn and the shocking, still-unconfirmed baby daddy situation of Louis , One Direction fans have had the year from hell, and frankly, they're so over it.

The sass level of Directioners has been at an all-time high, and it is evident in the signs they've been holding up at 1D concerts lately -- which range from LOL to super awk. The fans create posters with written commands, insults, truth-bombs and embarrassing quotes on them in hopes of getting Liam, Niall, Harry or Louis to notice them and react on stage.

During their current On The Road Again Tour , Liam takes some time to scan the audience and see what the signs say. Whether it's wishing someone a Happy Birthday or acknowledging a Larry (Louis + Harry) shipper, the guys get a kick out of what is brought to the show and the fans die over their commentary.


In a way, the wildly outspoken -- and sometimes inappropriate -- posters serve as comedic relief amid all the dramz. Despite the emotional roller coaster fans have been on for the past five years , they still stan hard core for their 1D baes and enjoy teasing them from the crowd.

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  1. 1D's body parts are often involved... https://twitter.com/1DupdateOTRA/status/620070740142989312

    This sign is mildly concerning, but at least she is aware.

  2. Everyone passionately dislikes Naughty Boy . https://twitter.com/BunyardMegan/status/622343885826727937

    Even Niall, who chuckled over the sign.

  3. Being a Directioner is expensive AF. https://twitter.com/emilyrivero/status/624659998203899904

    A far-fetched request, but we totally feel for ya, girl.

  4. Embarrassing throwbacks, ftw. https://twitter.com/otraposters/status/621537899826298880

    Sure to get Niall's attention, but will definitely make him face-palm.

  5. Forever, understandably, salty towards Naughty Boy. https://twitter.com/thestylesfandom/status/625474422279946240

    Fans know the extent of NB + Zayn's friendship and aren't afraid to point out how short lived it was.

  6. Embracing Louis' Daddy-Status. https://twitter.com/1DWWATUpdates/status/625431518853337088

    Fans are taking the news surprisingly well.

  7. Harry's Hair + Lyrics are always appreciated. http://heartbrokenhaz.tumblr.com/post/124246874094/otra-seattle-fan-signs

    Sometimes fans have 'no control' over the love they have for their faves.

  8. 1D keeps fans 'up all night' (pun intended). https://twitter.com/acidmalik/status/625510331339517953

    Turn off your mobile notifications and get some beauty rest, bby's.

  9. Everyone loves a good man-bun. https://twitter.com/awayfromjuliet/status/621572550703738880

    And Harry's is top-notch. (His headband look is also A+, though.)

  10. Fans get a little revved up... https://twitter.com/styIes89/status/620101867607977989

    We're going to leave it at that.

  11. You say, they do... well, most of the time. https://twitter.com/harrystylus/status/608837986113851392

    Odd requests, mostly so that fans can capture it on video and put it on Vine.

  12. Eye-catching Haylor face swap. https://twitter.com/abconnx/status/583673702878941184

    Which Harry appropriately LOL'd at.

  13. Some fans like to spill the truth tea. http://stylinlouieee.tumblr.com/post/123688499305/fan-signs-in-san-diego

    Apparently no one is feelin' Niall's hat OR Harry's shoes.

  14. 1D love is deep AF. http://tattooed-in-an-arrowheart.tumblr.com/post/124697370827/we-are-ready-july-21st

    Same, girls, same.

  15. Requesting Harry Styles' saliva. http://ashtnpizza.tumblr.com/post/124275564390/bitch-me-too

    He probably won't feel comfortable doing that, TBH.

    tove lo - pó de fada
  16. Harry girls show him loads of love and compassion. https://twitter.com/nyaz_1d/status/621021308525133824

    And they appreciate his caring nature. Awww.

  17. Getting a water bottle is easy. https://twitter.com/1D_Updates_EU/status/609802398299738112

    You might get tackled while trying to get it though.

  18. Bodily functions are encouraged. https://twitter.com/hegotthedagger/status/619283880646828033

    But why? Just... no.

  19. All about that bum. https://twitter.com/RegitaZayn18_1D/status/614919243331559424

    Louis seems to be a little modest.

  20. Niall goofily tripped, let's all remind him. https://twitter.com/1D_College/status/613500897411338242

    But it's actually pretty sweet.

  21. Sometimes you can't settle for anyone other than Liam Payne. https://twitter.com/_CALMupdates/status/613474677500039168

    Regular boys just aren't as beautiful and talented as One Direction.

  22. Not all 1D fans wants to marry them though... https://twitter.com/_Champayne/status/613490047103467520

    Some just want to join the fam, as like... a sister or daughter or something.

  23. One Direction can do one of two things... https://twitter.com/1d_LucyHale/status/612951018612125696

    She's really not asking for much.