23 'Hunger Games'-Inspired Pickup Lines That'll Put The Odds Ever In Your Favor

23hunger Games Inspired Pickup Lines Thatll Put Odds Ever Your Favor

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As if snagging a shiny new copy of ' The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 ' on DVD/Blu-ray this weekend isn't enough to butter any romantical prospect's bread, we waxed Greasy Sae to cook up just the right recipe to whet any worthy tribute's appetite for affection.

Behold, Arena-style pickup lines.

Forget the sponsors and their lousy parachutes, whip out a few of these bad boys and you'll be on the fast train to Capitol romance in no time.

If nothing else, it'll surely boost your nerd cred and show off the massive size of your ... funny bone. Enjoy.

  1. You must be from District 13, 'cause that body is nuclear. Lionsgate


  2. Wanna be a piece in my games? Lionsgate

    'Cause everybody wins.

  3. Just say my name and I'm yours for the reaping. Lionsgate

    And also for the keeping. Obvs.

  4. My district is uprising for you, girl. Lionsgate

    Be gentle with it.

  5. There's room for two winners over in my arena. Lionsgate

    I'll bring the berries.

  6. You must be a career, cause you got game. Lionsgate

    Meanwhile, cupid must be a marksman.

  7. I'd love to show you my three-fingered salute. Lionsgate

    The only thing I'm saying goodbye to is your drawers.

  8. They must call you the Quarter Quell, 'cause baby, you're changing all the rules. Lionsgate

    Double the tributes, double the fun?

  9. Meeting you tonight proves that the odds must be ever in my favor. Lionsgate

    Fancy that.

  10. Is that a Peeta in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Lionsgate


  11. I'd volunteer as your tribute anytime. Lionsgate

    Ready and willing.

  12. Girl, you are on fire. Lionsgate


  13. Who needs sugar cubes when you're over there looking so sweet? Lionsgate

    Better stay out of the water...'cause you'll melt.

  14. I've seen some nice buns in my day, but yours are delicious. Lionsgate

    And fluffy.

  15. Hey boy, your arrow looks just the right size for my quiver. Lionsgate

    Try it on for size?

  16. You must have the Avox effect, because I'm speechless around you. Lionsgate

    [Insert mouth X-ed out emoji guy here.]

  17. Will you be my escort, because I'm Down To EFFie. Lionsgate


  18. You must be from the Hob, 'cause all that fineness isn't street legal. Lionsgate

    Alternate: The peacekeepers must be coming for you 'cause you stole all the pretty.

  19. Wanna take my hovercraft for a spin? Lionsgate

    It'll be a smooth ride.

  20. Have I been stung by a tracker jacker? Because I must be hallucinating all your perfection. Lionsgate

    You're ranked 12 out of 12. Unanimously.

  21. You'd be the only victor in my village. Lionsgate

    With all the attendant perks and privileges, no less.

  22. You must be from District 12 because you've got a spark to you. Lionsgate


  23. Are you an expert at snares? Because you've got me all tied up. Lionsgate