24 Reasons Thea Queen Is The Hero 'Arrow' Needs

24 Reasons Thea Queen Is Heroarrowneeds

We won't see a new episode of ' Arrow ' for a few more months, but there's still reason for fans to celebrate today: Willa Holland , who plays Thea Queen, just turned 24. Happy birthday, Speedy!

Even though we're waiting to see what awaits Speedy in Starling City next season, we can only speculate that it'll involve a huge amount of butt-kicking, now that she has her own costume, combat skills to rival her own brother, and an attitude as sharp as her arrows. Not to mention that Oliver Queen is out of the crime-fighting business, leaving a huge hole for a full-hearted hero to fill next year.

Here's why Thea is the hero Starling City needs and deserves:

  1. First of all, she has her brother's seal of approval. The CW
  2. Because he's afraid of her. The CW


  3. She has Roy's seal of approval, too! The CW
  4. Because he's afraid of her, too. The CW

    Again, understandable.

  5. It's no surprise, really, because Thea is a badass. The CW

    Straight up.

  6. She learned from the best... The CW
  7. Even if she's tried to KILL the best... The CW
  8. And doesn't even LIKE the best. The CW
  9. Thea can even take her own brother in combat. The CW
  10. She can hold her own against both Oliver and Malcolm at the same time. The CW
  11. She can even take on Oliver's enemies when she needs to. The CW
  12. Thea has no problem pulling the trigger. The CW
  13. You won't find her unless she wants you to. The CW
  14. Oh, you found her? Okay, her ninja skills need a little work. The CW
  15. (Although, try telling that to Sara Lance...) The CW


  16. Thea will do whatever she has to do to survive. The CW
  17. She can make friends... The CW
  18. ...but she has no problem telling you like it is. The CW
  19. So peace out, Thea haters. The CW
  20. Thea's got no time for you. The CW
  21. She's sorry if you don't like her... The CW
  22. She tried to hate you too, but, she can't. The CW
  23. Just kidding, she totally hates you, haters. The CW

    You just got Speedied.

  24. P.S.: It does not hurt that she looks awesome in costume. The CW