25 Times Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler Gave Us Major Relationship Goals

25 Times Vanessa Hudgens

Rest easy, Vaustin stans of the world: Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler are back in the public eye after way, way too long.

The cute couple, who have been dating since September 2011, graced us with their presence at the 2015 Fandom Awards at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday (July 9). It was their first public appearance together in a while, because Vanessa’s been starring in the Broadway production of 'Gigi' while Austin’s been busy filming his upcoming MTV show The Shannara Chronicles .

Needless to say, seeing these two together again instantly reminded us why they’re one of our favorite celeb pairs. After perusing these 25 times they embodied #RelationshipGoals, we think you’ll agree.

  1. When she shared this throwback photo of them and captioned it, Ugh. I miss him. MTV stop hogging him. Lol. (Sorry, Ness!). https://instagram.com/p/21IbiGzCuT/
  2. And Austin followed up by sharing this snap and saying, I'm missing her so much. I love you babe. https://instagram.com/p/22AsP3J0KV/
  3. That time they posed for a family portrait with their adorable dog. https://instagram.com/p/2cax1op0Ft/
  4. The time they went hiking together and made it look so fun. Getty Images
  5. Vanessa was there for Austin after his mom passed away last fall, tweeting her love and support for him. https://twitter.com/VanessaHudgens/status/510282831189516288
  6. When Austin shared this cute scrapbook someone made for them. https://instagram.com/p/2fKtNuJ0A2/
  7. When they were too busy being adorable to pay attention to a basketball game. Getty Images
  8. When Austin shared this pic of them delivering meals for a charity organization, and they looked so amazingly happy. https://instagram.com/p/hSdHSep0M_/
  9. The time we practically sobbed over this adorable pic, which Austin captioned, Love It’s the source to everything perfect. With true love there is an absence of fear. https://instagram.com/p/hg1M-kJ0HB/
  10. When all eyes were on them at her old fashioned-themed birthday party in 2013, and they did this cute dip and our hearts were aflutter. Getty Images
  11. When they goofed it up for Electric Run. https://instagram.com/p/Zvng5yJ0OV/
  12. That time he sweetly tweeted about the Spring Breakers premiere. https://twitter.com/austinbutler/status/312412897055764481
  13. When they proved the couple that boats together, stays together. https://instagram.com/p/2KK2nGp0Bj/
  14. Literally anytime they appear on a red carpet together and look at each other with those doting, loving eyes. Getty Images
  15. Austin + Vanessa = Coachella dream couple. https://instagram.com/p/YZS_6AJ0Hs/
  16. The time they were channeled their inner creepy vampires for Halloween. https://instagram.com/p/u53QJuTCtO/
  17. Aww, V clearly gets along swimmingly with his family. https://instagram.com/p/YwS1IDJ0A3/
  18. The time they somehow made strolling across a barren-looking wasteland look glamorous. Getty Images
  19. When they reminded us that they would be a stunning couple in any decade. https://instagram.com/p/4P85bUzCrp/
  20. They’re even cute when they look like ghosts. https://instagram.com/p/3E3q4ap0ES/
  21. The time they were straight-up models without even trying. Getty Images
  22. The time he congratulated his GF on her awesome Bongos campaign. https://twitter.com/austinbutler/status/421063028902076416
  23. They recently embarked on a desert road trip and instantly, making us go wanderlust-crazy. https://instagram.com/p/42pkVZJ0B9/
  24. When they laid on the PDA at a Lakers game because YOLO. Getty Images
  25. And that time they shared the same #TBT photo on the same day because they’re just that in sync with each other. https://instagram.com/p/4FrLL-p0La/