26 Power Rangers GIFs That Perfectly Describe Life In Your 20s

26 Power Rangers Gifs That Perfectly Describe Life Your 20s

The Power Rangers have been a cornerstone to generations ever since they first morphed into action in the '90s -- and even now those color-synchronized mystical cadets still hold a dear place in all our hearts.

With the resurgence of the Power Rangers phenomenon and a new film in the works , we've begun to realize that we can can we still learn a lot from the Power Rangers, even in our so-called 'adulthood.'

There are still plenty of moments in the mighty morphin' universe that'll perfectly apply to your life -- yes, YOU -- at this very moment. If you don't believe it, take a look at this list and prepare to take notes/cue up the old show for further research.

  1. That moment when you and the crew show up to the party late and the food's all gone. Saban Entertainment
  2. When you get catcalled one too many times and you ? are ? over ? it ?. Saban Entertainment
  3. When someone is spilling some freshly brewed tea and it is way too hot. Saban Entertainment


  4. When you're trying desperately to avoid your responsibilities... Saban Entertainment
  5. ... but your responsibilities finally catch up to you. Saban Entertainment
  6. When you're creepin' on someone's Instagram and they're pretty cute. Saban Entertainment
  7. When someone tries to roast the squad but ya'll are not havin' that. Saban Entertainment
  8. When you finally get home after a long day at work. Saban Entertainment
  9. When you're not even gonna try and pretend like you can deal with people's bull today. Saban Entertainment
  10. When the weekend rolls around and you're ready to turn up. Saban Entertainment
  11. When you log into Tumblr and you can finally be your ~true~ self. Saban Entertainment
  12. When you say something embarrassing and you just need to GTFO quick. Saban Entertainment
  13. When you buy a new outfit and you are feelin' yourself. Saban Entertainment
  14. When your love life is in shambles and Tinder just isn't coming through ATM. Saban Entertainment
  15. When the whole crew is serving face and the haters can't stand it. Saban Entertainment
  16. When you get the Student Loan Bill at the end of the month. Saban Entertainment
  17. When there's two fine people at the party and you gotta let everyone know. Saban Entertainment
  18. When your life is falling to pieces around you but you're still mad cute though. Saban Entertainment
  19. When you thought you were making progress but then life happens. Saban Entertainment
  20. When you check your bank account after you decided to 'treat yo' self.' Saban Entertainment
  21. When you post a selfie and it's not getting any likes. Saban Entertainment
  22. When there's a cute person at the bar and you're trying to get their attention. Saban Entertainment
  23. When you realize you left your phone at home. Saban Entertainment
  24. when you successfully schedule a doctor's appointment all by yourself. Saban Entertainment
  25. When you make a new friend but you never seem to be able to meet up and hang out. Saban Entertainment

    When are we gonna do brunch?

  26. When you have a solid crew that always has your back. Saban Entertainment