27 Reasons Jay Garrick Is The Perfect Flash

27 Reasons Jay Garrick Is Perfect Flash

Thank you, ' The Flash ,' for introducing us to Earth-Two. Not only does the existence of the DC Comics Multiverse mean another shot at survival for beautiful bad man Harrison Wells, and a brand-new speedster menace in the form of Zoom, it also means the arrival of an all-new perfect human specimen: Jay Garrick, the Flash of another world.

In one episode alone, actor Teddy Sears pops off the screen and proves his worth as a flawless hero. Here are just some of the many reasons why we love the Crimson Comet already!

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  1. First of all, look at him. The CW

    Do you see any flaws?

  2. No, seriously, look at him. The CW

    Nope! No flaws!

  3. He's brave and bold... The CW
  4. ...but he's also cautious. The CW

    Kudos to Jay for stepping into STAR Labs with his hands up. Good idea not to raise Barry and the gang's alert levels any higher than they already are.

  5. He's the most laidback prisoner ever. The CW

    Easily the most polite person in the Pipeline.

  6. He's a good teacher. The CW

    It tooks Wells months and months to get Barry to top speed. It takes Jay how long to teach Barry how to fire off sonic booms ala Guile from 'Street Fighter' — an hour, two hours max? Not bad.

  7. He's humble. The CW

    And not for anything, but Jay is way more humble than he needs to be toward the dude who just locked him up for a couple of days.

  8. He's a hard worker. The CW

    Part-time chemist, part-time physicist, part-time superhero, full-time perfect person.

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  9. He has an awesome nemesis. The CW

    Zoom looks mean as hell, what with his twisted Tony Todd voice and his dark and stormy appearance. Any good hero comes equipped with an equally evil bad guy.

  10. He has a ridiculous hat... The CW

    In his defense, it's a family heirloom.

  11. ...but he makes it look good. The CW

    Tell me more about that War of the Americas, Jay. I swear I'm listening.

  12. He has a cool nickname. The CW

    I like 'Scarlet Speedster,' but Jay's moniker is truly cosmic.

  13. His punches are a little bit slow right now... The CW
  14. ...but when his punch lands? The CW

    It lands hard enough to bust up sand.

  15. Not only can he throw a punch... The CW

    ...he knows how to take the hits as well.

  16. He's a little slow right now... The CW
  17. But even his normal speed is pretty good. The CW
  18. Yeah. His normal speed is fine. The CW
  19. Perfectly fine. The CW
  20. Perfectly... okay, sorry. The CW

    Is it hot in here? It's hot in here, right?

  21. Wait, Jay, no-- The CW
  23. Actually, 'shirt on' works, too. The CW
  24. 'Snug sweater' works even better. The CW
  25. So, Jay Garrick is pretty much perfect... The CW
  26. But you know what they say... The CW
  27. Two Flashes are better than one. The CW